Integrated Platelet Aggregation Testing

Integrated Platelet Aggregation TestingRethinking platelet aggregation: integrated, standardized, available.

Labs of all sizes need an alternative to traditional platelet aggregation testing that is less complex, easier to integrate into the daily workflow, and less dependent on specially trained lab technicians while also producing more-consistent results.

Integrated onto routine coagulation analyzers—the CN-3000 and CN-6000 Systems,1 CS-2500, and CS-5100 Systems, —platelet aggregation1 becomes more manageable, reliable, and accessible with easy-to-use, standardized testing.

Features & Benefits

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  • The systems enable access to platelet aggregation testing to provide additional information for therapeutic decisions and complete the diagnostic picture.
  • The systems can process low sample volumes and produce standardized results for geriatric and pediatric samples that enable immediate diagnosis and improved patient outcomes.
Fast turnaround time
  • After initial sample preparation (preparing PRP and PPP plasma) and loading, systems can perform platelet aggregation testing automatically for five agonists without additional pipetting steps or other dedicated hands-on time.
  • Test scheduling is simplified, because platelet aggregation testing can be performed by any lab technician at any time on a routine coagulation analyzer.
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  • Integrated platelet aggregation testing1 eliminates a dedicated instrument for platelet aggregation testing and reduces the number of consumables to manage and store.

Technical Specifications

140 µL
Systems need up to 44% less sample volume than the traditional manual method.

5 agonists
Testing for five agonists, including platelet aggregation tests for ADP, epinephrine, arachidonic acid, ristocetin, and collagen in different settings.

1 source
All hemostasis test results can come from one source/system.

8 channels
Eight testing channels on the CS-5100 and CN-6000 Systems.1 

4 manual steps
Operations can be reduced to only four manual steps. 

10 hours
Ten hours of onboard stability for for ADP, epinephrine, arachidonic acid, ristocetin, and collagen.  

Featured Systems

Siemens Healthineers CN series systems
Available on CN-3000/6000 Systems.1 

For details on available assay applications or ordering information, download a copy of the hemostasis reagent portfolio catalog. 


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Proven functionality 

700+ publications in peer-reviewed journals confirm the convenient and reliable testing of platelet-function disorders using PFA Systems1 from Siemens Healthineers. 

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Cost-efficient consolidation 

Integrated platelet aggregation provides cost-effective system consolidation for detection of inherited, acquired, or drug-induced platelet disorders.

Streamlined workflow with fewer instruments and less specialized staff leads to significant time and resource savings.

Siemens Healthineers Platelet aggregation

Less sample volume 

Integrated platelet aggregation testing1 on routine hemostasis analyzers requires up to 44% less sample volume2 per test than aggregometers and produces standardized results for geriatric and pediatric samples that enable immediate diagnosis and improved patient outcomes.