Man behind computer providing assistance in case of downtimes and malfunctions

Guardian ProgramMaximize uptime through fast, proactive services

System downtime poses one of the biggest threats to healthcare providers as it puts investment at risk and jeopardizes revenue streams. Long response and support times in the event of malfunctions often make it difficult to achieve excellent diagnostic results and can interrupt clinical workflows. The combination of all these challenges could ultimately lead to a loss of reputation for our customers, caused by long patient waiting times and inadequate results.

With the Guardian Program we respond to malfunctions before they even occur and turn unplanned downtimes into scheduled maintenance events. Our experts can either address the incident remotely or proactively schedule a timely onsite visit that does not conflict with your peak patient- or lab-analysis hours. This keeps your systems productive and your exam and lab schedules running smoothly. As a result, you don’t need to reschedule your patients or their lab exams, which reduces their level of uncertainty. Ultimately, your patients are more satisfied, and your throughput is increased.

Features & Benefits

With the Guardian Program you enjoy the benefits of

  • Maximized uptime: transform care delivery by preventing unplanned downtime through proactive detection and correction of system deviations
  • Outstanding quality: optimize your diagnostic and clinical outcomes by keeping your systems at peak performance through real-time system monitoring and rapid support
  • Precise scheduling: adhere to your lab-analysis, clinical-exam, and therapy schedules, and improve patient care by avoiding unplanned maintenance with our AI-based prediction algorithms

The Guardian Program builds on the capabilities of our powerful Smart Remote Services (SRS) infrastructure.

Optional additions to the Guardian Program are available for computed tomography and molecular imaging systems to monitor the most critical system components – the X-ray tube or the detector.

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Guardian Program with TubeGuard

The X-ray tube is your most critical system component, so it is vital that it functions at all times. TubeGuard monitors and addresses predictable and detectable tube failures. It’s a combination of proactive tube monitoring, AI-based error prediction, and fast, proactively scheduled service activities such as tube repair or tube exchange should malfunctions be detected.

TubeGuard is an optional addition to the Computed Tomography Guardian Program.

Guardian Program with ImageGuard

ImageGuard maximizes your uptime by monitoring detector conditions based on key parameters. It helps to minimize unplanned downtime and increase system reliability and availability.

ImageGuard is an optional addition to the Molecular Imaging Guardian Program.