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The value of partnership

Do you believe the ongoing changes in healthcare belong to a unique era? For example, digitalization shifts to outcomes-based reimbursement, development of new theranostic technologies. Are these changes going to generate enterprise-wide, future-proof outcomes for healthcare providers?

The truth is, change is constant in healthcare delivery. Building long-term success takes insight, resources, and courage. You need a partner that enables you to move beyond reacting to change, and enables you to anticipate and even drive change in healthcare. A partner that helps you innovate new services, strategies and solutions to create value for your stakeholders. We’re that kind of partner, and Value Partnerships™ are how we help you meet your goals right now, next year, and farther down the road.

Within the context of a modern, digitally-enabled health system, we help you identify and activate three key main engines:

  • Optimize: enhance processes, streamline operations, and improve patient experience
  • Expand: add new capabilities and scale up existing ones to transform care delivery while maintaining quality and profitability
  • Advance: elevate the quality and precision of care delivery by advancing the level of innovation in your organization

Value Partnerships combine our strength in holistic medical technology management and digitalization into a long-term performance oriented engagement focusing on the creation of value. With our sustainable healthcare consulting and transformation services as well as our future-proof design planning, we are well positioned to co-create a solution with and for you, which will generate clinical, operational and/or financial benefits.

Value Partnerships help you optimize operations today, expand with new capabilities tomorrow, and advance the level of innovation in your network.

Value Partnerships optimize care delivery to create more value for you.

Partner to drive innovations

The interviewed hospitals see partner medical technology companies as drivers of innovation1

What would you like to see as a result of your partnership with medical technology companies?

Our goal is to support you with comprehensive solutions to the complex challenges in the ever-changing healthcare environment based on a long-term partnership focused on the delivery of high-value care.

Look for a trusted and valuable partner to navigate through truly defining moments

How do Value Partnerships help you to create value? – Solutions Portfolio

Value Partnerships are built and deployed on the basis of six solution services categories:

  • Holistic Technology Management: Reduce operational complexity and increase technology availability through one single contact for all equipment-related topics, providing additional budgetary surety.
  • Sustainable Consulting & Transformation: Optimize clinical operations with an innovative, digital consulting portfolio – from strategic advice over operational improvement to transformation and change management approaches.
  • Global Knowledge Access: Advance the level of innovation within your organization by implementing globally created insights and best practices, equally available and easily accessible.
  • Future-proof Design Planning: Improve patient and staff experience by having process-oriented and appealing departmental layouts.
  • Insightful Digital Platforms: Digitalize healthcare by leveraging modern IT and artificial intelligence. Gain insights from solution-oriented key performance indicators.
  • Efficient Operations Management: Increase workforce productivity through education programs and transfer of dedicated operations towards your trusted partner.

1Roland Berger, Krankenhausstudie, p.24, Munich, June 2018.