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Healthcare organizations are facing unique and unprecedented challenges and opportunities, and a long-term partner can provide strategic guidance through the evolving landscape. Value Partnerships offer that relationship by collaborating to create a unique solution to help fulfill your organizations goals.

A key element of Value Partnerships is the ability to provide impactful, expert advice for all phases of healthcare delivery. Siemens Healthineers Consulting & Transformation capabilities are enabled by the expertise of ECG Management Consultants.

With knowledge and expertise built over the course of nearly 50 years, ECG is a national consulting firm offering a broad range of strategic, financial, and performance transformation consulting services to help address your organizations complex needs. ECG can offer specialized expertise by building multi-disciplinary teams to meet your unique needs—from discrete operational issues to enterprise-wide strategic and financial challenges and opportunities.

healthcare consulting

A comprehensive strategic roadmap is essential to ensuring the competitive position of healthcare providers. ECG’s full range of strategic services helps leaders understand their market opportunity, plan their investments, and build the relationships they need to thrive.

healthcare consulting

Through rigorous analysis, robust negotiation, and thoughtful planning, ECG provides the guidance needed to put healthcare providers on the path to financial sustainability and profitability.

healthcare consulting

With expertise in assessing, improving, and sustaining practice operations and performance, ECG knows how to drive your physician group or ambulatory network toward higher performance.

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