Community Health

Community HealthThe role of the lab in shaping the overall health of the population


Community Health

In communities across America, the lab serves as the core of a healthier population. It’s where diagnostics play such a vital role in healthcare, by providing every patient, clinician, and healthcare care network with results they need to make better decisions, and better patient outcomes.


Community Health Checkup

Testing saves lives. But how do you know which tests your community needs most? Using this powerful new tool, you can identify health concerns where they matter most, right in your own community

How healthy is your community? Download a free health report to find out.



Primary Care

The foundation for preventive care is a healthy lifestyle. Ongoing conversations with patients and active monitoring can help prevent life-threatening emergencies that may arise from undetected chronic conditions or infectious diseases.



Emergency Department

Routine blood tests can improve emergency department triage, reducing the time patients remain in the emergency department (ED) and improving treatment access and quality of care.



IDN of the Future

Reaching a level of systemness is defined by the integration of all aspects of your health system to deliver seamless, cost-effective, and high-quality services across the care continuum.

Increasing value for healthcare providers and patients can best be illustrated by exploring the following strategic pillars:



Core Lab

In today’s healthcare environment, laboratories seek to transform care delivery through streamlined operations and increased workforce productivity. With industry-leading productivity, unprecedented flexibility, and highly specific and sensitive assays, the Atellica family of solutions empowers your lab to deliver accurate, timely results.




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