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High-Sensitivity Troponin I

A Clearer Picture of Cardiac Assessment Is Here

Improve Efficiency. Reduce Cost.

Improve the efficiency of the emergency department and reduce overall costs by quickly treating patients who require immediate care.

Aptio Atellica Solution

Improve ED Efficiency

A study revealed that a hospital’s emergency department staffing costs averaged $58.20 per patient bed-hour.⁴ Conventional diagnostic protocols can cause these costs to accumulate and increase wait times in the ED.

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Reduce the Cost of Treatment

Poor low-end sensitivity can increase the risk of missing early presenters for AMI, increasing the time and cost for treatment.

33 percent

Potential Savings

Based on average cost per bed-hour⁴ and a shorter serial testing interval (0/1/2 hour versus 0/3/6 hour), potential savings for 1,000 emergency department chest pain visits could total $232,800.⁴

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