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Atellica Solution

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Atellica Solution Decapper

Atellica® Decapper

Integrate decapping into the analytical workflow of Atellica Solution1 with little or no additional footprint.

Atellica Solution - Sample Management test tubes

Sample Management

Built-in revolutionary sample management technology provides independent control over chemistry and immunoassay STAT and routine samples.

Atellica Solution sorting and archiving

Sorting and Archiving

Built-in, automatic, specific sample sorting combined with retrieval and archiving functions to manage samples throughout all phases of testing.

Customer Success Stories

Atellica Solution - Singing River

Singing River Health System
Jackson County, MS, USA

Singing River Health System is a three-hospital system that processes 1.8 million lab CPTs per year. Working together with Siemens Healthineers, they've adopted the Atellica® Solution to increase their laboratories' throughput and decrease turnaround times.
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Swedish Hospital

Swedish Hospital
Chicago, IL, USA

Learn how Atellica® Solution, Aptio® Automation, and Atellica® Data Manager have helped to simplify operations and enable Chicago-based Swedish Hospital to transform into a model laboratory for clinical workflow optimization and staff satisfaction.
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UNC Health Network

UNC Health Network
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

When UNC Health needed to choose a healthcare partner they had 3 metrics for success: clinical lab staffing, expanded testing capabilities and better quality of care for their patients.  Learn how Siemens Healthineers addressed each of these challenges and created a blueprint for success.
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Strategies labs use to overcome today's evolving challenges.
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