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Detection can save lives.

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Accurate testing is a community's first line of defense in fighting the opioid epidemic. Siemens Healthineers provides a reliable, rapid means to detect drugs of abuse, which can inform doctors, deter abuse, and help save lives.

The Need for Fentanyl-Specific Drug Testing in Your Community

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Rise in abuse

In 2018, there were more deaths from synthetic opioids other than methadone than any other type of opioid.4,5

2020 has shown to be the deadliest year with respect to drug overdoses and fentanyl is largely responsible.6

The pandemic has caused a significant increase in drug overdoses and supply chain disruptions have cause a further shift to synthetics like fentanyl.6

Fentanyl deaths are up 38% from 2019.6

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Fentanyl contamination

Drugs like heroin and cocaine are being laced with illicitly manufactured fentanyl with or without the user’s knowledge.13

Fentanyl is pressed into counterfeit pills that are labeled as Xanax and Oxycodone.7

Fentanyl testing allows for early warnings of supply contamination.11

Fentanyl is odorless, tasteless and colorless.8

Only a small amount of fentanyl is needed to cause death.9

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Gap in care

EDs are an important point of contact between people using drugs and treatment providers.10

Fentanyl identification allows physicians to facilitate proper treatment recommendations to prevent future overdoses.13

Studies have proven that individuals experiencing Substance Use Disorders (SUD) will change behavior and interactions with substances if the presence of fentanyl is known.14

Detecting fentanyl at the “front door” takes us one step closer to combating this population health crisis at both the individual and community level.11

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Drug Testing System Lab


Opioid-specific drug screening assays that provide ED Physicians with the answers they need.

Testing that allows physicians to get it right the first time and prevent a second overdose/death.

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ED Physicians

Enabled to quickly identify and treat overdose patients appropriately.

Empowered to facilitate proper follow-up treatment and rehabilitation to prevent readmissions and ultimately death.

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Hospital System

Ability to improve community health and set the stage for other hospitals to follow suit.

Ability to equip EDs and laboratories with what they need to save lives, prevent readmissions and at the same time, drive down costs.

Emergency Department

Assays & Systems

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Siemens has a comprehensive and relevant urine drugs of abuse opioid menu to meet the needs of health networks – from large institutions to smaller facilities. The opioid epidemic has become a hidden epidemic within the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic; and therefore, opioid testing is more critical than ever. Drug screening is a key step in the right direction to quickly identify drug abuse, treat overdoses and facilitate proper follow-up care. Partner with Siemens to combat this opioid crisis in your community. Let’s drive towards a healthier population together.

Opioid Assay Menu

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