Prevent Tube Failures Before They Happen

The X-ray tube is one of your most crucial system components, so it is vital that it functions at all times.
TubeGuard™ helps to increase your equipment uptime by monitoring and addressing predictable and detectable X-ray tube failures for select computed tomography, molecular imaging, and interventional imaging equipment.

Why TubeGuard

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Protect your return on investment

with a well-functioning tube that allows seamless clinical operation and smooth workflow.

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Deliver positive patient outcomes and maintain your important reputation 

by keeping your running at peak performance

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Keep your operations running

by optimizing tube uptime through predictive, AI-based analysis and corresponding proactive service actions.

Artificial Intelligence

Components gradually wear out over time and can fail without warning. Artificial Intelligence helps recognize patterns in three different failure types and creates alerts for action:

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Physical Parts Failure

  • Emitter degradation
  • Grid issue
  • Temperature deviations
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Tube Control Failure

  • Drive and mechanical failure
  • Cooling issues
  • High voltage breakdown
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Image Stability Failure

  • Vacuum issues
  • Dose decay

Real-time Monitoring

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Trained engineers use secure remote connection and the latest software to monitor your system, anticipate any malfunctions and optimize your system’s performance. In case of malfunction, we’ll repair the problem remotely or send an engineer to your site – often resolving a problem long before you were aware of it. 

When the AI system detects imminent failure, we proactively schedule its replacement before failure occurs.

Avoid Unplanned Downtime

TubeGuard helps to turn unplanned downtime into planned activities to optimize equipment uptime.

    Not being prepared for your tube failure can result in increased idle time and compromised care delivery. With TubeGuard, your Siemens Healthineers Support team will:

    1. Communicate with your staff to understand what you're seeing
    2.  Diagnose the tube failure 
    3. Order a replacement 
    4. Schedule a customer service engineer to arrive onsite upon tube delivery 
    5. Install the new tube before your current tube fails 

    By predicting tube failure, all of these idle-time activities can occur while the current tube is still working and while you continue treating patients. This way, you can keep your equipment running, continue to generate revenue and provide care to patients.

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