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If one of your imaging systems goes down, how much revenue are you willing to risk? Just one down event can have a drastic impact on your patients, your reputation — and your bottom line.

Depending on how quickly your service provider can get you back up and running, you could be sacrificing more than you realize. Settling for the cheapest contract can actually cost you much more.

How long will a third-party vendor keep you waiting?


  • Remote repairs – We make almost half of our repairs remotely – no need to wait on an engineer.
  • Remote monitoring – With The Guardian ProgramTM, some facilities have reduced unplanned downtime as much as 70%.
  • OEM expertise – Trust the company that knows your system best.
  • Guaranteed response time – You choose the contract with the response time that works for you – starting at 2 hours – and we guarantee we’ll be there.
  • First-time repairs – 6 in 10 of our repairs are completed on the first visit. We come prepared with parts and a plan.
  • Rapid parts delivery – The right parts delivered the same day or next day.
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