CT image guided surgery

CT-guided interventional procedures

Enhancing accuracy and efficiency

Between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will nearly double from 12% to 22%1. This demographic shift poses challenges to health systems around the globe. Particularly on the rise will be cancer diagnoses (e.g., biopsies) and treatments (e.g., ablations) as well as orthopedic diseases like chronic back pain or fractured vertebras caused by osteoporosis.

Image-guided minimally invasive procedures2 enable the cost-effective diagnosis and treatment of suspicions lesions. Computed tomography is one of the imaging modalities most often used when cross-sectional image guidance is required in percutaneous interventional procedures3. Dedicated technology that can simplify workflows and maximize safety will help you to optimally handle these procedures and take the best possible care of your patients.

Features & Benefits

CT-guided interventions are critical. Efficiency and a streamlined workflow matter during these minimally invasive procedures. Discover our offerings for CT-guided interventional procedures.

myNeedle Companion for CT image-guided surgery

myNeedle Companion is the first solution from Siemens Healthineers that harmonizes needle procedures across modalities. It helps simplify even complex image-guided needle procedures with targeted needle path planning and guidance, image volume registration and fusion display, as well as laser-guided needle insertion. In addition, dedicated in-room control options offer you the flexibility to work as you prefer – with or without an assistant. The patient-side system control includes an in-room tablet, i-joystick, and footswitch.

CT-guided interventions Adaptive 3D Interventions Suite

The Adaptive 3D Intervention Suite with the integrated wired or wireless i-control directly at the tableside allows you to interact with the software and control all relevant scan parameters during CT-guided procedures designed for increased process efficiency. The Adaptive 3D Intervention Suite provides a fast and efficient 3D-guided workflow during the intervention and can potentially reduce overall procedure time. Full navigation in the three-dimensional space of the patient together with real-time fluoroscopic image guidance allows for fast and accurate instrument positioning in the most complex anatomies, even at difficult oblique angles or in moving organs.

Choose between different interventional solutions to suit your clinical needs and budget.

myNeedle Companion is available for image-guided surgery across modalities

When performing a percutaneous needle procedure, select the modality based on clinical or capacity criteria: myNeedle Companion is universally available across our modalities – on the SOMATOM X. platform, the SOMATOM go.platform, the NAEOTOM Alpha, as well as on selected angiography systems. It is also our first solution for intervention planning and guidance that offers a harmonized user interface across modalities. This helps to simplify workflows, switch easily between modalities, reduce unwarranted variations, and minimize training outlay. 

CT-guided interventions CT systems 2D procedures

Our CT systems SOMATOM Force, Drive, and Edge Plus are ready to perform 2D CT-guided procedures without additional costs. Along with common scanner technologies, the free-of-charge basic intervention package offers you an entry-level solution for performing 2D in-plane CT-guided interventions. Further advanced intervention packages allow you to expand into additional clinical fields such as tumor treatment.

Clinical Use

In this video, David Lacey, MD, Interventional Radiologist at Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines, explains how myNeedle Companion has helped simplify CT-guided interventions from start to finish.

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