ARTIS icono floor with surgical table

ARTIS icono for Hybrid OR

ARTIS icono floor

Offering minimally invasive procedures expands your cardiovascular treatment portfolio. With ARTIS icono floor, this step is easy. The fully motorized C-arm system is equipped with procedural intelligence to help you standardize workflows for high-volume procedures and guide you through complex cases. Moreover, the small footprint makes ARTIS icono floor a perfect match for your existing OR.

ARTIS icono floorProcedural intelligenceMinimal space requirementsMotorized C-arm movementsFree celling above the patientFast 3D scan times from head side

Advanced infection control

    ARTIS icono ceiling

    Many patients suffering from structural heart disease or vascular disease suffer from comorbidity, are elderly, or obese. For many of them a minimally invasive treatment approach is the only possible treatment option.

    ARTIS icono ceiling offers together with the OR compliant ARTIS multi-tilt table high position flexibility for minimally invasive cardiac and vascular procedures.

    A ceiling mounted C-arm system for the Hybrid OR with fast intraprocedural 3D in virtually any lateral position.

    ARTIS icono floorProcedural intelligenceARTIS multi-tilt table

    2.1 m (6.8 ft) patient coverage

    Omni Spin C-armAdvanced infection control

      Surgical procedures

      ARTIS icono provides all the support you may need to optimize your clinical operations for complex cases in cardiovascular surgery.

      Our imaging systems help standardize your EVAR procedures by simplifying preparation, permitting fast registration for fusion imaging, guiding stent deployment, and enabling immediate assessment.

      Fusion imaging may result in up to 30% shorter procedures

      Our imaging systems help standardize your TAVI procedures by simplifying image acquisition, automating planning, guiding valve deployment, and enabling immediate verification.

      Procedural intelligence helps double the quality of valve positioning
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