Why you should create a staff gap plan

3. Anticipating the Unexpected: Why you should create a staff gap plan

Supplementary staffing may be required to help fill gaps. Talent retention and growth will be more critical than ever.


Mobile, on-demand talent placement platform and workforce optimization system
The right staff at the right time when you need them the most. CrewPlace fills temporary staffing gaps and keeps your operations optimized.

Workforce solutions
Flexible long-term staffing solutions to access the skills you need. We partner, plan and engage with you to address all of your workforce needs.

CT scanners with myExam Companion
With a simple user guided interface that automatically adjust scan parameters based on basic questions, patient data and clinical decision trees, it gives you the ability to schedule your workforce with more flexibility, regardless of the technologists skill level.

MAGNETOM MRI scanners with DOTGo Workflow
Increase operational efficiency and accommodate varying levels of professional expertise by automating MRI scans with DotGO workflow. With the Dot Cockpit and Dot Engines, you can easily standardize your protocols and achieve quality results for each exam. Go for consistent results, across patients and multiple MAGNETOM scanners with DotGO.

The Resiliency Roadmap