CrewPlaceOrchestrate, optimize, and unleash the workforce's potential.

At Siemens Healthineers, our vision is to bring the world’s most trusted technologies to the people who need them most – you and your patients. It’s all part of digitalizing healthcare and optimizing clinical operations.

Meet CrewPlace™, the industry’s first mobile, on-demand talent placement platform and workforce optimization system – together in one place.

Key Benefits

CrewPlace Key Benefits

CrewPlace empowers you with two vital capabilities:

  • Optimize your workforce, and automate the task of assigning and dispatching full-time resources
  • Gain access to Siemens Healthineers aggregated talent on-demand

New Growth Opportunities

New growth opportunities

Expand clinical capabilities, introduce new pathways, and enter into new markets.
Orchestrate your workforce ecosystem

Orchestrate your workforce ecosystem

Automate procuring, dispatching, and tracking of your existing workforce or tap into a supplemental talent pool.
Improve operational efficiencies

Improve operational efficiencies

Improve workforce productivity with technology that supports shift planning and staffing.
New Growth Opportunities

Attract, retain, and develop talent

A network of top talent can discover more opportunities, flexibility, and freedom.

How it works

How it works
  1. Geo-Based location tracker
    Know where they are on & off campus
  2. List view
    Calendar view
    Easy to read events & schedules
  3. Ordering portal
    Request with one click
  4. Realtime reporting
    Quickly identify problems
  5. Rules-based engine
    Limitless criteria settings
  • Log in to CrewPlace at
  • Request Technologist/Sonographer
  • CrewPlace identifies available talent
  • Automated dispatch of appropriate staff to site

Explore Talent

In addition to managing and optimizing your existing workforce, CrewPlace allows you to easily tap into a Siemens Healthineers aggregated talent pool that’s specifically matched to your needs based on desired skillset and scope. Explore below to personalize your workforce or become part of the talent network.

Build your talent

Get started today and configure certified radiologic technologist and/or sonographer talent.

Talent Network

Discover your potential and sign up to become part of the Siemens Healthineers FlexForce Tech family.

Customer Story

Hear from Roshal’s CEO on how they are leveraging digitalization to optimize their clinical operations and expand care delivery across the country