DotGO WorkflowGo for consistent results, efficiently.

DotGo Workflow

In 2009, Siemens introduced Dot workflow technology, loaded with Siemens' automation functionality and efficient scanning optimizations built into our Dot engines. In 2014, with the latest generation of Dot – DotGO – all of the engines are brought together with the Dot Cockpit, a central exam user interface.

Features & Benefits

Increase operational efficiency in MRI with the DotGO workflow. With the Dot Cockpit and Dot engines you can easily standardize your protocols and achieve quality results for each exam. Go for consistent results efficiently, across patients and scanners – with DotGO.

Siemens - MRI - MRI Software - Dot Cockpit

The Dot Cockpit is your central interface for all protocol management tasks, enabling highly flexible and intuitive configuration, manipulation, organization and updating of all protocols. Build and standardize protocols quickly and intuitively. 

Siemens - MRI Software - DotGO - Quality results for each exam
Efficiency from head-to-toe: over 90%1 of MRI exam requests covered by the Dot engines

Adapt scanning to the patient condition or clinical question – also during the scan. Use automated functionalities for consistent and reproducible results. Guidance and Parameter cards enhance standardized training and parameter changes during scanning.

MRI - Dot Engines - RT Dot Engine
  • Predefined strategies for RT
  • Automatic distortion correction for improving spatial integrity
  • Automatic axial image reconstruction enabling all data to be directly processed in RT planning software
  • Laser quality assurance to maintain high accuracy in positioning 
MRI - Dot engines - QISS - Angio Dot Engine
  • Provide non-CE peripheral MRA at comparable accuray to contrast enhanced MRA with QISS2,3
  • Read and report MR Angio cases performed consistently with optimized kinetic timing
  • Experience an ‘’easy-to-handle approach for imaging peripheral arteries with little requirement for further adjustments’’ with QISS3 
MRI - Dot engines - Breast Dot Engine
  • Don’t miss fatty breast tissue or silicone
  • Proper peak identification leads to reliable image quality
  • Consistent scan process reduces risk of rescan
MRI - Dot engines - Large Joint Dot Engine - Shoulder

For Shoulder Imaging

  • Advanced WARP to accommodate patients with large metal implants4
  • Confident reduction of artifacts with only a few mouse-clicks
  • Motion-insensitive scanning with BLADE
MRI - Dot engines - Large Joint Dot Engine - Hip

For Hip Imaging

  • Advanced WARP to accommodate patients with large metal implants4
  • Confident reduction of artifacts with only a few mouse-clicks
  • Motion-insensitive scanning with BLADE
MRI - Dot engines - Knee Dot Engine
  • Automatic positioning and sizing of slices and the Field of View
  • Reduction of metal artifacts with WARP4
  • Motion-insensitive scanning with BLADE
MRI - Dot engines - Cardiac Dot Engine
  • Automated planning of all cardiac views with AutoAlign Heart
  • Inline Ventricular function for diagnostic information on the fly
  • Comprehensive heart exam in less than 30 minutes5
MRI - Dot engines - Spine Dot Engine - C-Spine

For C-Spine Imaging

  • Reduce workflow steps with automated vertebrae labeling
  • Automatic detection of spine geometry
  • Reduction of metal artifacts with WARP4
MRI - Dot engines - Spine Dot Engine - L-Spine

For L-Spine Imaging

  • Reduce workflow steps: automated vertebrae labeling, drop & snap positioning
  • Automatic detection of spine geometry
  • Reduction of metal artifacts with WARP4
  • Consistent positioning independent of spine curvature
MRI - Dot engines - Brain Dot Engine
  • Same slice positioning across patients and exams with Auto Align
  • Motion-insensitive scanning with BLADE
  • Consistent results for follow up exams
MRI - Dot engines - Abdomen Dot Engine
  • Perform motion free imaging
  • Always get the right contrast timing
  • Use offered MRCP and Diffusion decision points

Clinical Use

DotGo Siemens Healthineers

Reduce variation in exam-times to less than 1 minute1, helping to improve scheduling and avoid unplanned overtime

DotGo Siemens Healthineers

Reduce user-interaction by up to 42%2 and manage increasing patient volumes more efficiently, without compromising quality.

DotGo Siemens Healthineers

See clearly what the scanner is doing at any point in time with the Examination Queue and make on-the-fly decisions intuitively.

DotGo Siemens Healthineers

Optimize bolus timing-accuracy with AutoBolus Detection and minimize patient recalls.3

"The first thing that I noticed about DotGO, it's a great looking interface, and I'm really excited to be able to work with this new interface [...] our reputation is to provide the highest quality MRI examinations for our patients and referring physicians. DotGO will help us to do that."

"With DotGO it’s going to be so much easier, and quicker to build protocols on the fly, and not interfere with taking away table time from the patient."
Anthony Pavone

Chief MRI Technologist
Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology, New York, USA

"The Cardiac Dot Engine introduces patient benefit by providing systematically reproducible and efficient studies that consistently reduce examination time, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs and improved patient satisfaction without ever sacrificing high-quality diagnostic images." 4

Jesús Ciro Pueyo, MD, PhD
Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

"We continue to innovate in MR technology but consistency and completeness of exams in MR imaging remains the biggest clinical challenge. Dot is the latest improvement that not only provides consistency between patients and ensures appropriate coverage but also guarantees expected outcomes from every technologist."

Lawrence Tanenbaum, MD
New York, NY, USA

“As a radiologist as well as referring physician, having your level correctly labelled is timesaving, convenient... just practical. Spine labelling optimizes reading efficiency and helps to avoid false positive diagnosis leading to incorrect treatment.”

Dr. Johan Dehem
Chief Radiologist
VZW Jan Yperman, Belgium

“Inexperienced staff can be led through examinations using the guidance features of the new Dot engines, reducing unnecessary or repetitive images. As a result, training time can be significantly reduced and consistent imaging quality achieved.” 5

Professor Thomas J. Vogl, MD
Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology,
University Hospital Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

"We welcome the installation of the auto voice feature, which is also very useful. Previously, we had to stop the process during examinations to speak to the patients. With this feature, we do not have to stop the process every time, and throughput has improved."

Mr. Koyano, Technologist
Saitama Sekishinkai Hospital, Saitama, Japan

Technical Details

Siemens - MRI Software - DotGO

DotGO systems

Dot systems

(with Dot engines and the Dot Cockpit):

(with Dot engines):

MAGNETOM Avanto Dot 1.5T


MAGNETOM Avanto Fit 1.5T







Minimum software requirements:

Minimum software requirements:

syngo E11

syngo D11


syngo D13 for Spine, Large Joint and Breast Dot Engine

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