Pediatric Molecular Imaging Solutions

Meet the unique needs of pediatric imaging with these SPECT/CT and PET/CT solutions. 

You face 5 key challenges in pediatric molecular imaging: speed, sensitivity, movement, stress, and time. An ability to solve these challenges can impact everything from patient outcomes to patient and family satisfaction.

Molecular imaging solutions that are engineered to account for the challenges of pediatric imaging can help. See how our SPECT/CT and PET/CT systems can meet the unique needs of your pediatric patients.


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Shorter scan time makes a difference, especially to a child. That’s why our molecular imaging solutions are specifically designed for easier operator use and reduced scan times. You can complete a pediatric whole-body PET/CT scan in 3 minutes by leveraging the industry’s fastest time-of-flight1 on the Biograph VisionTM.


Protecting young, still growing organs from unnecessary dose is different than protecting adults. To meet these unique demands, you need solutions that support high-quality imaging at the lowest possible patient exposure.

Biograph Vision can help you reduce scan time and injected dose to boost productivity and lower the radiation exposure to the patients, all while also improving image quality and lesion detection. Combined with FlowMotion AI and the large 78cm bore, Biograph Vision is designed to reduce patient radiation exposure, provide a more comfortable experience for the patient, and decrease examination times.1

You can also provide significant dose reduction to your patients with our CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) package on the Biograph family of PET/CT and Symbia family of SPECT/CT scanners. 

Our SAFIRE2 iterative reconstruction can provide up to 60% lower radiation dose for your CT examinations without compromising image quality.

Low kV dedicated pediatric protocols on the Biograph family of PET/CT and Symbia family of SPECT/CT scanners can further improve pediatric imaging with a range of targeted solutions to minimize radiation exposure and maintain diagnostic image quality with every scan. 


It can be hard for children to remain perfectly still on any occasion, let alone a molecular imaging exam. The Pediatric Cradle on the Biograph family of PET/CT and Pediatric Pallet on the Symbia family of SPECT/CT scanners aid in the positioning and securing of children during imaging to minimize movement during the exam.


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Anything you can do to distract children during their imaging exam can help ease anxiety and support a better experience. During the exam, the e.Media option on the Symbia family of SPECT/CT scanners offers an integrated, high-quality video and sound system through our patient positioning monitor. With it, children can watch DVDs and videos, which can help reduce anxiety and stress.

The atmosphere of the exam room can also impact a child’s stress level. Improve the patient experience by creating a customized room environment with our partner, Comfort Health Solutions (CHS). CHS provides stimulating patient environments and engaging content that contributes to creating a positive, nurturing atmosphere for the patient.

Time savings

Pediatric molecular imaging exams can take longer, whether staff needs time to ease anxieties or to ensure a proper exam set-up. Solutions that help streamline pediatric exams (while ensuring high-quality images) can support better exam experiences.

You can simplify and automate typically time-consuming and complex exams by using FAST (Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies) on the Biograph family of PET/CT and Symbia family of SPECT/CT systems. This can improve workflow efficiency, facilitate reproducible results (which can optimize outcomes and make diagnosis more reliable), and streamline examinations.

Once a PET/CT scan is complete, there are still many tasks to prepare an exam for reading, which means more time at the scanner and less time with patients. With FAST PET Workflow AI, the scanner automates and simplifies these tasks, transforming care delivery by optimizing clinical operations and increasing workforce productivity.
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