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Driven by the need for interdisciplinary, self-sustaining infrastructures accessible for the entire location/company, Innovation Think Tank (ITT) was established and has now 16 innovation labs across Germany, China, India, Turkey, the United States of America and United Kingdom which are covering projects from 23 Siemens locations and have achieved break even for all established labs within 0 to 2 years. ITT has worked on over 1,750 projects with 550 experts and managers. Additionally, over 12,000 Siemens employees have taken part in various events, more than 1,500 inventions have been filed and ~1,200 projects continued. Furthermore, around ~2,500 researchers and students from ~150 universities out of 38 countries have worked with ITT.

Professor Sultan Haider, founder and head Innovation Think Tank
Professor Sultan Haider, founder and head Innovation Think Tank

Innovation Think Tank was founded and is headed globally by Prof. Sultan Haider, who also holds a Principal Key Expert, awarded by the Siemens Healthineers Executive Committee for his outstanding innovation track record which includes the establishment of 16 innovation labs and over 500 inventions and patents filed to today. Furthermore Prof. Haider has been awarded honorary directorships and developed infrastructures for top institutions. The innovation best practices have been implemented in several university courses and certifications. For instance:

With its global infrastructure, ITT supports the identification and creation of business opportunities and contributes to solution implementation.


Innovation Think Tank, part of the Chief Technology Office of Siemens Healthineers, is organizing its annual external exhibition (eITT 2019) on July 11th 2019, at its headquarters in Erlangen, Germany. The event focuses on Open Innovation and Co-creation in the area of healthcare, where best practices at its various locations and collaborations along with applicants from other institutions, start-ups and industries are presented. Annually nearly 200 Innovation Think Tank Fellowships are awarded to participants from various universities and research institutions giving them the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary projects at ITT locations worldwide. Open innovation projects worked on by the ITT participants and external applicants are presented at annual external Exhibition of Innovation Think Tank, Siemens Healthineers (ITTE 2019). The best five teams are recognized.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for talented individuals from a wide array of disciplines like engineering, business and the medical field who are looking to innovate. For more information please click on the links below.
We can also offer a position as a working student or for writing a bachelor or master thesis but only AFTER completing an internship with us.

What will be your tasks at Innovation Think Tank?
By working with Innovation Think Tank you will have a chance to interact with a global team every day and gain hands on exposure to a wide variety of healthcare related projects starting day one of your internship!

Open positions:
Intern for Innovation Think Tank Apply here
Intern for Innovation Think Tank with focus on informatics Apply here
Intern for Innovation Think Tank with focus on design Apply here

Innovation Management and Leadership Certification programs (IMLEAP)

  • During IMLEAP the participants are getting innovation management training and are working on open innovation projects.
  • IMLEAP is offered in Germany, India, United Kingdom, the United States of America, Turkey and China
  • The winners will receive a certification and invitation to the annual external Exhibition of ITT (eITT) in Erlangen, Germany.
  • Based on the availability of a position and the IMLEAP participants profile, a possibility to work as a young innovator fellow at one of the Innovation Think Tank Labs of Siemens Healthineers would be given.

For joining the program please contact us.

Setting up own Innovation Think Tank Program and Lab
If you are interested in our program and like to set up your own Innovation Think Tank Program and Lab, please feel free to contact us.