ARTIS icono for Interventional Radiology 

An icon of innovation

ARTIS icono sets the pace in image guidance for complex interventions. Mechanical flexibility and positioning accuracy combine with 2k imaging and smart workflow guidance to redefine precision for interventional radiology.

Smart guidance tools support anatomical navigation and semi-automatic identification of feeder vessels, while seamless interfaces make your angio suite an inter-departmental digital lab.

Features and benefits

Experience the benefits of our ARTIS icono using interactive 3D models. With their state-of-the-art combination of versatility, precision, and specialization, ARTIS icono systems enable you to cover your procedure mix.
A realistic simulation of ARTIS icono controls from the Mentice VIST® G5 Virtual Patient 3rd party training application

ARTIS icono systems allow you to interact with advanced external applications such as third-party software and with medical engineering researchers, directly from the angio suite. Integration is seamless with different systems all connected using a single third-party interface (TPI) and standard protocols. 

The training simulator Mentice VIST® G5 Virtual Patient is a classic example. Simply connect Mentice to your ARTIS icono via the TPI to practice your skills on realistic simulations of your system’s controls, including C-arm movements, table positioning, and imaging parameters.

Another example is our solution for robotic-assisted interventions, CorPath GRX, which helps to create a safer work environment for interventionalists by allowing operators to perform procedures from a radiation-shielded work space. With automated procedural movements and precise anatomical measurements, the robotic system also helps operators to navigate complex anatomies more consistently and predictably, aids in selection of the appropriate stent and ensures accuracy in device-positioning. Using CorPath GRX allows physicians to participate in cutting-edge clinical innovation, enhancing their reputation and that of their institution.2

Clinical use

Technical details

For interventional radiology, the ARTIS icono family provides two image-guided therapy systems: new ARTIS icono ceiling and ARTIS icono floor. Both systems stand out with an impressive array of innovative technologies that streamline existing procedures and extend your procedure mix.

    Our new ceiling-mounted system maximizes precision and flexibility. Omni Spin delivers advanced 3D capabilities while OPTIQ supports you with optimal image contrast and dose even in super-selective procedures.


      Our floor-mounted system combines the precision and flexibility of proven ARTIS icono technologies with a footprint of just 25 square meters (269 square feet).

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