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Minimally invasive treatments have already seen a decade of great progress, but they still hold vast potential for growth and innovation. The ARTIS icono was designed to keep you at the top of your game for years to come. It is the ideal solution for a wide range of disciplines and procedures.

ARTIS icono ceiling
It’s easy to see why interventionalists are talking about the new ceiling-mounted C-arm from Siemens Healthineers. It delivers movement flexibility and faster rotational speed not seen in other systems, for shorter acquisition time in 3D. The unique imaging chain features self-adjusting algorithms that regulate the image impression to achieve constant image quality at the lowest achievable dose that can be tailored to each user. Programmable procedure workflows and intuitive tableside controls make it our easiest system to use yet. With an open-source architecture, future 3rd-party integration is assured.
ARTIS icono biplane angiography

ARTIS icono biplane is the ideal solution for a wide range of interventional therapies. Neuro procedures – and particularly stroke treatment – benefit from artifact reduction in the basal part of the brain with syngo DynaCT Sine Spin and with syngo DynaCT Multiphase. Clinicians can now visualize collateral vessels at 10 different time points. In addition, Lateral Plane Switch enables different specialties, like interventional cardiologists and radiologists, to perform procedures without compromise. The ARTIS icono also introduces a new imaging chain called OPTIQ which allows interventionalist to choose their own image quality preference at a low dose-- regardless of a patient’s BMI.

ARTIS icono floor angiography

The ARTIS icono floor is a flexible, multi-axis system that functions like a ceiling system. Its easy-to-use, adaptable design supports improved utilization and growth for all types of procedures and patients. Its revolutionary imaging chain, called OPTIQ, allows interventionalist to choose their own image quality preference, for their procedures, at a low dose-- regardless of a patient’s BMI. The system also provides full patient length coverage of 6.8 ft and 6.2 ft lateral coverage for optimal radial access. And with a minimum room size requirement of only 269 sq. ft, the ARTIS icono floor supports budgets and space constraints.

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