5 ways the ARTIS icono can benefit your angiography suiteTo help you transform care delivery

Better patient coverage and access with:

  • Head-to-toe coverage for full patient length up to 6.8 ft without having to move the patient
  • Optimal radial access with 6.2 ft lateral coverage without having to move the patient
  • Support for clinical needs across specialties thanks to steep angulations and flexibility of coverage

procedural intelligence
  • Cutting-edge x-ray tube that allows optimal imaging for:
    • Obese patients
    • Hard to see angulations
    • Motions of the beating heart
  • Choose your own image quality preference, for your procedures, at a low dose – regardless of a patient’s size and weight
  • Reduce dose with material specific detection with Structure Scout
  • Automatically set angulations and imaging parameters with only 2 clicks
advanced application

Advanced applications to take PCI, structural heart and vascular procedures to the next level

  • AngioFFR - two views and one click to assess physiology
  • ClearStent Live - real-time stent enhancement for optimal stent placements
  • CTO Guidance - CT overlay for planning and guiding CTO interventions
  • TrueFusion - real-time echo fusion to landmark and guide therapy
  • Seamless integration with IVUS, OCT, FFR, robotics and much more

The ARTIS icono is designed with the leading industrial automation technology called DRIVE-CLiQ. This technology enables revolutionary new acquisition protocols, vastly increases uptime, and is more energy efficient.

ARTIS icono

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From training to efficiency, we will support you with:

  • A customized education plan to ensure your entire team is ready before, during and after install
  • An accelerated construction timeline when you work with Design Construction Services (DCS)

Let’s create solutions for success, let’s focus on you and your patients, and let’s continue transforming care delivery.
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