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Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year1) – 52.5% of which are attributed to coronary heart disease.2) Consequently, related symptoms are taken very seriously: In patients with suspected coronary heart disease, the presence of a stenosis has to be verified, its extent assessed, and the need for revascularization determined.

In how many cases would visual lesion assessment have resulted in a wrong stenting decision?

Accurately measure pressure differences across a stenosis, confidently assess its hemodynamic significance, and make confident decisions for all patients. From catheter-based Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) assessment to image-based Angio-FFR3) and noninvasive CT FFR: Our portfolio has the right solution for every patient with coronary artery disease. Because as your partner for FFR, we are committed to supporting you in making competent decisions and improving patient outcomes by expanding precision medicine.

Discover our solutions for FFR assessment

Discover our solutions for FFR assessment

View clinical cases of FFR assessments

Learn about scientific evidence for angio-derived FFR

Find out more about the current literature and proven facts regarding angio-derived FFR.

Discover our offering for FFR assessments

Do you want to perform catheter-based FFR, angio-derived FFR, or CT FFR? Our portfolio includes everything you need to accurately measure and assess pressure differences across a stenosis.


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