syngo TrueFusionIntegrated efficiency in TEE guidance

When treating structural heart disease, advanced real-time 3D TEE and True Volume color Doppler imaging is required to visualize form, function, and flow in one volume view – without compromise. In transcatheter approaches, however, navigation relies on live fluoroscopy too. With TrueFusion1, add the relevant anatomical and functional landmarks easily from Siemens’ market-defining True Volume TEE to your live fluoroscopy.

Features & Benefits

  • eSie Sync efficiently integrates co-registration of Artis imaging and ACUSON SC2000™ ultrasound system, PRIME edition in the workflow with machine learning-based probe detection and automated registration updates
  • TEE landmarks can be marked directly on the ACUSON SC2000TM PRIME and sent for fusion1 with the Artis live fluoroscopy images
  • Assessment of valvular anatomy with one-click eSie Valves modeling provides automated landmarks for fusion with live fluoroscopy
  • Synchronizing the image orientation of TEE and angio facilitates orientation and communication within the team

Clinical Use

  • syngo TrueFusion1 can potentially shorten the learning curve in challenging procedures as it enables more intuitive anatomical orientation
  • Synchronization of TEE and angio image orientation allows deriving implantation angles from TEE with scope for contrast and fluoro time savings
  • Standardized assessment of valve morphology with eSie Valves™ modeling and fusion of relevant structures supports accurate device placement


General Requirements

  • ARTIS icono 
  • Artis Q
  • Artis zee
  • Artis Q.zen
  • ARTIS pheno

syngo Application Software: VD2

Please note: Additional technical prerequisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.