Webinar: Diagnosis of Maternal and Congenital Infections TORCH: Pitfalls and Solutions

Information to prevent maternal and congenital infections – latest insights in TORCH testing

TORCH is an acronym for a group of infectious organisms, which in healthy individuals can lead to treatable and mild disease, but when acquired during pregnancy can cause significant birth defects and even fetal death. Therefore, recognizing maternal disease and monitoring the patient when diagnosed are important for clinicians treating patients. Understanding this group of illnesses can help clinicians counsel patients to prevent infection and address fetal outcomes if infected.

Please join us for a new webinar, “Diagnosis of maternal and congenital infections TORCH: Pitfalls and Solutions”.

  • Understand  pitfalls and limits of serology interpretation
  • Perform accurate prescriptions of complementary analysis
  • Learn about management and treatment opportunities
Dr Christelle Vauloup-Fellous

Dr Christelle Vauloup-Fellous
Associate Professor of Virology
Faculty of of Bicêtre (Paris-Saclay University)

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