Women in EngineeringOur female employees share words of advice and tell us about their roles at Siemens Healthineers.

Spokeswomen at Siemens Healthineers took time out of their busy schedules to talk about their careers, the current landscape of women in engineering and inspiring the next generation. 

Annette Crowley-Luke

Siemens Healthineers is a great company to work for, I would definitely recommend it as an employer of choice. Aim high, work hard and follow your aspirations.

There have been a few role models that have inspired me throughout my career, the first: my PhD supervisor who never gave up despite the many life challenges thrown at her. Second, a work friend and colleague who reassured me that you can have a family alongside your career, and survive! And a manager who believed in me, even when I wasn’t sure myself.

Outside of work I enjoy walking our dog and attending exercise classes. My kids sporting activities, mainly sailing, means I’m a constant taxi  - so there's not much time for anything else! If I could do anything though, I'd like to get back into horse-riding and golf. I used to do both when I had free time and really enjoyed them.

Rachel Morris

My advice to young women starting their careers would be to find something you enjoy in whatever you do and do not be afraid to change if you really cannot find that.

Over your career you come across so many different people who do and see things in different ways. Many have provided inspiration in the way they approach a specific aspect of a role or situation. My mother was a big inspiration to me, she was a farmer so worked in a very male dominated environment. It never seemed to be a challenge, she was treated as an equal because of her knowledge and respect for the knowledge of others.

I find that managing time is one of the greatest challenges I face, so I don't get much time for hobbies outside of work. If I did though, I would like to learn to play musical instrument or speak a foreign language, and I think the biggest thing for me would be learning to weave. I can spin wool and sew, so to be able to make a garment from scratch would be a massive achievement. Knitting is not an option!


Eva Abdul-Malak

Siemens Healthineers’ mission is resonates with me on a human level and no matter what your background is within STEM we can all align to bring our knowledge and expertise together, helping to shape the future of healthcare.

I am inspired by many people, I always try to learn from others, whether we meet face to face or through books - studying how they became successful in their careers. This helps me broaden my mindset and reflect upon how I can improve myself. One example of a role model for me would be my father who's drive, courage and dedication influenced me to go after my dreams and goals without limiting my beliefs.

Outside of work I love researching and reading about personal development - one of my favourite books is ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’. I also enjoy exercising, travelling and having experiences by exploring different cultures, latin dance, yoga & meditation. If there where no limitations on time and money, I would definitely travel more!

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