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How do you comply with security standards for patient data when sharing and managing your medical images?

How well-established and methodical is your exchange of clinical cases with other professionals?

teamplay Images…

  • gives you access to imaging studies quickly and easily from your desktop or tablet and
  • lets you share and discuss relevant cases with referring physicians, medical experts, and peers with quick, to-the-point comments.

Our solution for sharing images

Share medical images and other related documents among experts, referring physicians, or other teamplay members easily and securely with teamplay Images. Download the DICOM data received or use the zero footprint viewer.1 Smart communication features help you engage in professional discourse in a secured environment, pool expertise from among staff and peers, and can help to improve patient outcomes. Patient data uploaded via the teamplay Receiver can also be removed or generalized if desired.

COVID-19 response

At Siemens Healthineers, we are aware of the urgency and complexity of the current situation, and we are working hard to provide the best possible support to healthcare providers at each stage of COVID-19 patient care. CT and X-ray imaging can for instance help differentiate between various types of infectious acquired diseases, incl. COVID-19.

To expand reading expertise and capacities we provide teamplay Images 90 days free of charge to all our teamplay users. With teamplay Images you can share image studies to discuss cases with your peers, even beyond the borders of your own institution. It supports you in spreading the knowledge throughout your team, or you can seek for an opinion of more experienced radiologist. This all is a secured and regulatory-compliant environment.

As a teamplay user you and your institution are already connected to our teamplay digital health platform and you can benefit from this offering starting today.

Link to general COVID-19 page

What does teamplay Images do for you?

  • Safety: Secure cloud-based image viewing and sharing
  • Collaboration: Benefit from second opinions
  • Sustainability: Avoid having to burn DVD's
  • Teamwork: Connect easily with built‐in chat functionality
  • Open environment: Add non‐DICOM files

Customer voice

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1The DICOM viewer is not intended for diagnostic display

2Due to regulations data exchange between data center regions is restricted. The products/features/service offerings are not commercially available in all countries. If the services are not marketed in countries due to regulatory or other reasons, the service offering cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.