Excelerate Edition Upgrade
Upgrade your MRI scanner to the Excelerate Edition1

Excelerate Edition Upgrade
Excelerate Edition Upgrade
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Increasing demand for MRI procedures

Operating MRIs is getting more and more challenging

  • New indications and guideline changes lead to rising patient numbers and procedures2
  • Reimbursements are constantly dropping3
  • And, patient satisfaction4 as well as referrer satisfaction are getting a critical economical factor for radiology practices and departments alike

Address these challenges by upgrading your MAGNETOM scanner

An upgrade to the Excelerate Edition will bring your MR scanner to the next level of MRI imaging. With this innovative combination of the latest syngo MR XA30 software platform as well as productivity boosting Turbo Suite Excelerate software application package you can


Eigenschaften & Vorteile

Increase your productivity

With rising patient volumes in the face of falling reimbursement, there is a clear need for greater efficiency. At the same time, the quality of exam results should not diminish. We are committed to help you transform care delivery by significantly shortening entire examinations for the whole spectrum of clinical MRI with Turbo Suite.

Turbo Suite Excelerate powered by Simultaneous Multi-Slice and Compressed Sensing

MR-Injector coupling via Imaging System Interface (ISI)4

When looking into dynamic MRI it can be challenging and time-consuming to synchronize the MR scanner with the contrast media injection. With the new optional Bayer-Siemens MR-Injector coupling via Imaging System Interface (ISI) you can save time, increase confidence, and enhance patient care.

Participate in MR growth fields

With an upgrade to the Excelerate Edition you can expand your clinical capabilities and increase the number of patients eligible for MRI. You get access to many new clinical software applications as well as new coils, that allow you to participate in MR growth fields:

Compressed Sensing GRASP-VIBE

Compressed Sensing GRASP-VIBE5

Extend the patient population suitable for dynamic and/or noncontrast liver MRI with Compressed Sensing GRASP-VIBE – through free-breathing exams for patients who cannot reliably hold their breath.

Image courtesy of NYU, Lagone Medical Center, USA
More about Compressed Sensing GRASP-VIBE
GOHeart with Cardiac Dot Engine

GOHeart with Cardiac Dot Engine6,7

GOHeart enables automated planning and guided scanning strategies for CMR scans in 12 min8 for an abbreviated exam in free-breathing or full CMR exams <30 min8 allowing to tailor the scan according to patient compliance.
More about GOHeart with Cardiac Dot Engine
High Bandwidth Inversion Recovery

High Bandwidth Inversion Recovery9

Expanding benefits of cardiac inversion recovery imaging to patients prone to susceptibility artefacts.
More about High Bandwidth Inversion Recovery
Whole-Body Dot Engine

Whole-Body Dot Engine10

Easy, push-button workflow enables whole-body MRI from head to pelvis in less than 30 min8 and gives highest consistency for followup examinations and response assessment.
More about Whole-Body Dot Engine
Prostate Dot Engine

Prostate Dot Engine

Deep-learning based planning and guided scanning tailor the exam to the individual patient’s condition improving image quality11 and consistency of prostate MRI exams.
More about Prostate Dot Engine


Zoomed diffusion weighted imaging with higher SNR and less artefacts for increased lesion conspicuity.

Image courtesy of Shanghai 6th People Hospital, Shanghai, China
More about ZOOMitPRO
MR Fingerprinting

MR Fingerprinting6

Dedicated MR Fingerprinting acquisition for rapid and robust quantitative T1 and T2 tissue maps of the brain. Quantification of tissue properties to facilitate medical decision making based on digital tissue data.
More about MR Fingerprinting
Single Voxel Spectroscopy Edit

Single Voxel Spectroscopy Edit12

Single-voxel spectroscopy with spectral editing enables detection and relative quantification of J-coupled metabolites, e.g., GABA.
More about Single Voxel Spectroscopy Edit


Pseudo continuous Arterial Spin Labeling for improved 2D or 3D brain perfusion imaging with over 30%8 more slices for larger coverage and at shorter acquisition time.
More about PCASL
UltraFlex Small 18 / UltraFlex Large 18

UltraFlex Small 18 / UltraFlex Large 18

High-resolution flexible coil for up to 50%8 faster scans and higher spatial resolution for MSK exams such as small to medium size shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand for UltraFlex Small 18 and medium to large shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and hand for UltraFlex Large 18.
More about UltraFlex Small 18 and UltraFlex Large 18

Consistency across your scanner fleet

Whether you operate a large scanner fleet or just one MRI scanner, consistency is key to provide your patients with the same high-quality imaging you aim for. By upgrading to the Excelerate Edition your MAGNETOM receives our latest syngo MR XA software platform, which intuitively guides the user and provides a consistent and cyber-secure working environment for your MRI scanner fleet.




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1Excelerate Edition is based on syngo MR XA30 and its features are not commercially available in some countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

2Smith-Bindman R, Kwan ML, Marlow EC, et al. Trends in Use of Medical Imaging in US Health Care Systems and in Ontario, Canada, 2000-2016. JAMA. 2019; 322(9):843-856doi:10.1001/jama.2019.11456

3Medicare Physician Fee Schedule 2018, estimated national average for CPT Code 70551 MRI Brainstem without Dye.

4The information shown herein refers to products of 3rd party manufacturer’s and thus are in their regulatory responsibility. Please contact the 3rd party manufacturer for further information. MR-Injector coupling via Imaging System Interface (ISI) is a joint development by Bayer and Siemens Healthineers.

5Pre-requesite high-end computing.

6The product is not for sale in the U.S. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

7Pre-requisites Cardiac Dot Engine, Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine, Advanced Cardiac with PSIR Heart Freeze and high-end computing.

8Data on file. Results may vary.

9For 1.5T scanners only, e.g., MAGNETOM Aera.

10Pre-requisites Tim Whole-Body Suite, Abdomen Dot Engine, FREEZEit+

11Esser M, Zinsser D, Kündel M, et al. Performance of an Automated Workflow for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Prostate: Comparison With a Manual Workflow. Invest Radiol. 2019 Dec 30. doi: 10.1097/RLI.0000000000000635

12For 3T scanners only.