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Optimizing Efficiency: Experience using bedside Hs cTnI for Accelerated Chest Pain Protocols in ERsOn Demand

1 Hour|2024-04-25

To enhance care delivery in emergency departments (EDs) through faster risk-stratification methods, this webinar will showcase initial findings from the ICare-FASTER interventional clinical trial.  Focusing on point-of-care technology within an Accelerated Diagnostic algorithm (0-2 h), it will discuss the clinical utilization of this algorithm conducted at Christchurch Hospital in New Zealand and highlight its impact on reducing the overall length of stay for patients. Furthermore, it shares insights into the practical implications of adopting point-of-care high-sensitivity troponin (hs-cTnI) testing from the perspective of ED physicians, offering valuable learnings for improving patient care and resource utilization.

  • Discuss how to improve care through Faster Risk-Stratification in the Emergency Department: current gaps in status quo care delivery
  • Examine the initial findings from the ICare-FASTER interventional clinical trial, highlighting the integration of technology at the point of care in the Accelerated Diagnostic algorithm within the first 0–2 hours
  • Share insights from an ER physician's perspective on implementing POC hs-cTnI

Emergency medicine clinicians, cardiac specialists, emergency department nurses, critical care professionals, cardiologists, and point of care coordinators


Dr. Martin Than MD, MS

Dr. Martin Than is the Director of Emergency Medicine Research and an emergency medicine specialist at Christchurch Hospital in New Zealand. His research is centered on quality improvement initiatives for the emergency department, focusing on cardiac biomarkers.