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Value Partnerships are long-term, performance-oriented, collaborative engagements. We bring a combination of clinical insight, medical technology innovation, strategic vision, implementation expertise, and operational excellence to you. As your trusted partner, we help you to formulate and achieve your strategic goals, increasing enterprise-wide value.

Siemens Healthineers Value Partnerships


Value Partnerships - Work with up-to-date, innovative technology

Siemens Healthineers leverages advanced technology to enhance diagnostic accuracy and streamline treatment delivery. We focus on implementing efficient workflows, reducing operational complexity, and standardizing procedures to minimize unwarranted variability. Our commitment to improving the satisfaction of referrers, care teams, and patients is at the heart of our operations. Experience healthcare innovation that prioritizes precision, efficiency, and satisfaction. 

* Results achieved in the unique setting of Geisinger Health System, USA

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Value Partnerships - Attract, retain and develop your staff

We help you attract, retain, and develop your staff by broadening clinical offerings and optimizing the utilization of clinical equipment. Our solutions can help you to ensure your shifts and positions are covered, reducing workloads, and enhancing staff satisfaction. Experience a transformation in healthcare operations that prioritizes your team's growth and well-being. 

* Results achieved in the unique setting of Kingston Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust Surrey, Southwest London, United Kingdom.

Make smart workforce decisions
Value Partnerships - Improve your operational performance

Our solutions are designed to enhance overall efficiency, reducing revenue loss, and maximizing the utilization of medical equipment and protocols. We facilitate and streamline processes, allowing your team to focus on patient care. With improved staff planning, we help optimize resource allocation, leading to better patient outcomes and increased satisfaction. Experience the transformation in healthcare operations with us. 

* Results achieved in the unique setting of Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Spain.

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Value Partnerships - Unlock monetary value & reduce financial risks

We collaborate in research and innovation, preparing you for the next healthcare challenge. Our solutions guide optimal investment decisions and increase your competitive positioning. Stay ahead of the curve in healthcare with our forward-thinking strategies and innovative solutions. 

* Results achieved in the unique setting of Admiraal De Ruyter Ziekenhuis (ADRZ) Goes and Vlissingen, Netherlands.

Create drivers of positive change
Value Partnerships - Create a healing environment

Our solutions optimize patient flows and tap into the full potential of your clinical and operational capabilities. We help reduce operational costs and improve the sustainability of your healthcare facility, contributing to a better carbon footprint. Experience the transformation towards a more efficient, sustainable, and patient-centered healthcare environment. 

* Potential shown in the unique setting of Oulu University Hospital in Finland.

Enhance your healthcare facilities
Value Partnerships - Leverage digital innovation

Enhance your stakeholder collaboration and communication, streamline processes through standardization and efficiency, and overcome data silos with our simplified technology infrastructure. Our commitment to high cybersecurity standards ensures your data's safety. 

* Potential shown in the unique setting of Oulu University Hospital in Finland.

Connect medical technology and AI


What your peers have achieved 

Chin Wei Jia, CEO, HMI Group | Regency Specialist Hospital, Mahkota Medical Centre (Malaysia) & StarMed Specialist Centre (Singapore)

Decreasing MRI brain scans from 
1 hour to 30 minutes per patient 

Together with Siemens Healthineers, the University of Missouri System in Columbia, USA is improving healthcare quality through precision medicine and access through digital solutions.

Mun Y. Choi, Ph.D., University of Missouri System (UM System) and University of Missouri Health Care (MU Health Care)

Driving patient-centered care through an Oncology Center of Excellence   

HMI Group Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia is constantly investing in innovative technologies and services to boost existing and future capabilities and to improve access to high-quality care. Together, we will further develop Centers of Excellence in the areas of cancer, cardiology, and neurology.

Prof. Lino Patrício, Director of Cardiovascular Department, Hospital of Espírito Santo de Évora, Portugal

Potentially reducing the average time spent in the cath lab by 135 minutes 

Together with Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora in Portugal, we help to provide advanced cardiovascular care and improved access with remote care management solutions.


Shaping the next decade in healthcare

Shaping the next decade in healthcare 

The pandemic, digitalization, and new care paradigms will drive change for the next ten years and beyond.

Operational Excellence in Healthcare

Operational Excellence in Healthcare 

How comprehensive engagement management can identify challenges and opportunities to streamline operational complexity.

A new frontier in affordable and accessible cancer care

A new frontier in affordable and accessible cancer care 

We can help your cancer center deliver breakthroughs in screening, diagnosis, and treatment while improving outcomes.


Value Partnerships drive value across your entire healthcare enterprise with focus on four domains: Technology, Operations, Workforce and Facility. Furthermore, together we enable breakthroughs through holistic and transformative initiatives such as Strategic Transformation and Digital Innovation. 

Value Partnerships - Value Driver - Technology


We partner with you to manage your current and future medical technology needs and create a strategy to help you to reach your specific goals.

Value Partnerships - Value Drivers - Operations


We partner with you to streamline operations for rapid yet sustainable results with our expertise in workflow consulting and departmental performance optimization.

Value Partnerships - Value Driver - Workforce


We partner with you and offer lifelong education and workforce planning. We also provide short- and long-term workforce solutions—including remote staff solutions for scanning and treatment.
Facility Design Services


We partner with you to plan, design, visualize, and implement service lines, clinical departments, or entire facilities for brownfield or greenfield projects that foster a healing environment and enable state-of-the-art performance for years to come.

Consultants and healthcare providers in a boardroom discussing plans for digital transformation.

Strategic Transformation

We partner with you to help you prepare for the challenges of today and tomorrow through our expertise in strategic, financial, operational, and technology related consulting services.

Value Partnerships - Excellence Driver - Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation

We partner with you to co-ideate new approaches to optimize both clinical and operational aspects of healthcare enterprises by leveraging data, connected medical technology, and artificial intelligence.

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Consultants and healthcare providers in a boardroom discussing plans for digital transformation.


Value Partnerships optimize care delivery to create more value for you. We partner to drive change in healthcare. Find out about our innovative business models.
Value Partnerships - Business Models

Business Models 

New business models deliver financial flexibility, transparency, and predictability for improved outcomes and sustainable growth.
Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships

Value Partnerships optimize care delivery to create more value for you. We partner to drive change in healthcare. Find out about our innovative business models.


Creating more value with you 

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