High Sensitivity Troponin at the Point of Care: EUSEM 2022 Symposium

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|1. 11. 2022

Cardiac troponin is one of the most important tests for making clinical decisions about patients with suspected acute coronary syndromes in the emergency department. Held during a symposium at the European Emergency Medicine Congress (EUSEM) in November 2022, this live, speaking engagement discusses the paradigm shift taking place within emergency cardiac care. Patient volume and long wait times are increasing problems in emergency departments. They can put pressure on physicians and their staff to make quick, accurate diagnoses as well as determine which patients can be dispositioned early.

Emergency physicians, nurses, physician assistants, emergency nurses, laboratorians, pathologists, medical technologists, emergency care staff coordinators, cardiologists

Dr. Rick Body

Dr. Rick Body

Professor of Emergency Medicine; Director of Research & Innovation at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Dr. Johannes Neumann

Dr. Johannes Neumann, MD

Senior Cardiologist at University Heart Centre Hamburg, MD, Master’s in Clinical Research