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Grow your business with usBecome a solution partner

Solution providers and software developers serving operational, financial, and clinical functions in the healthcare continuum are welcome to join us as a partner.

As a solution partner, you'll be able to market your application to healthcare providers through our Digital Marketplace1 available in more than 60 countries.

By partnering with an industry-leading medical technology provider, you could tap into the support you need to speed up the innovation power, efficiency, and growth opportunities of your business.

Become a partner

Scale your business
By partnering with us, you can open new sales channels and increase your visibility through our Digital Marketplace. With our support, you will be able to leverage your existing customer base, expand your sales channels, and market your offering in over 60 countries.

Accelerate innovation
Access useful data and knowledge from various network members and sources within our digital platforms to create the next generation of digital solutions. Use our cloud or locally installed infrastructure for healthcare to deploy your solutions and easily integrate them into your customers' existing IT systems.

Improve your efficiency
Get access to our know-how, open APIs, technical infrastructure, and go-to-market resources designed to help you market your solution more efficiently. Save time and money on operational tasks and benefit from joint marketing activities. Concentrate on what you do best: Innovation in the healthcare space.

How to get started

1) Fill out the form

2) Our partner managers will review your company information and get back to you

3) Selected companies will be invited for discovery meetings

4) If both companies think partnering is a good idea, we start on-boarding

Technical view

To join our Digital Marketplace as a partner requires some level of connection with our digital platforms. If your application needs to be installed locally, you are required to run it on our syngo.via OpenApps2 or Cios mobile C-arm systems.

For cloud-deployed partners, different levels or integration with our teamplay digital health platform are possible to offer healthcare providers seamless access to digital solutions. The possibilities range from single sign-on to deeper and tailored integration scenarios. Currently, APIs are available for:

  • Single sign-on
  • Licensing management
  • User roles and user permissions
  • Plug-in for teamplay receiver to collect and to send different types of data
  • Interface for access to DICOM images
  • Submitting customer-specific reports and results to users
  • Keeping users informed through status indicators