HoloLens and Hologram

Cinematic Rendering in medical imaging

Revolutionary, photo-realistic medical imaging

Cinematic volume rendering technology (cVRT) revolutionizes medical imaging. It provides photorealistic and interactive 3D visualization of multi-modal imaging data. 

Our cutting-edge Cinematic Rendering technology lets you create hyper-realistic representations of fractures, organs, or the structure of the finest blood vessels. This can help improve communication with patients and healthcare professionals and ultimately help to make more informed diagnoses and treatment decisions.

Features & Benefits

Make communication with referrers and patients clear and convincing. With our revolutionizing Cinematic Rendering, you can make your case look like something from an anatomy textbook. For education, publication, and communication, cVRT means that it is now time to showcase your cases.

Cinematic Rendering enables uses a significantly more complex illumination model, which integrates numerous light- scattering, absorption, shadowing effects and high dynamic range. This is important for visual perception of anatomical details in the everyday environment making the images very realistic within seconds. Furthermore, there is the possibility to create case-specific, automated Cinematic Rendering results2 with optimized & self-contained visualization – directly send to PACS without manual interaction.

Improve communication and collaboration with patients and referrers

  • Vividly illustrated human anatomy – understandable for everyone 
  • Optimizing the diagnostic experience through clear, enhanced communication 
  • Effective and easy collaboration with peers through innovative visualization

Faster and easier anatomic understanding3

  • Lower error rate 
  • Better outcome and higher confidence 
  • Preoperative planning / strategy

Scientifically proven

  • Clinical studies demonstrate improved efficiency & clinical outcome 
  • More than 150 scientific studies are released worldwide

The Cinematic Family

Woman Hololens

Cinematic Reality4,5

Enables real-time photorealistic 3D visualization of cinematic rendering in augmented reality. By combining our Cinematic Rendering technology with Microsoft HoloLens 2, mixed reality holograms can be blend with the real medical world.

Cinematic Playground3

Cinematic Playground4,5

Embedded within syngo.via Frontier, Cinematic Playground is our research application based on Cinematic Rendering. It gives you direct access to the latest Cinematic Rendering algorithms computing in real-time photorealistic 3D renderings of medical data, such as CT, MRI, PET, cone-beam CT data. 
For more information, please visit our Siemens Healthineers’ Digital Marketplace6.

Cinematic Insight

Cinematic Insight7

Optimizes and separates visualization for different organs and tissues. Enhance your Cinematic Rendering with special presets for specific anatomical regions and organs that semi-automatically generate high-quality, segmented, photorealistic 3D images.


Cinematic Rendering speeds up and improves the understanding of complex anatomical situations. It enhances preoperative and intraoperative decision making.
Cinematic Rendering was tested as a prototype in an evaluation study at the Department of Surgery at the University Hospital Erlangen, Germany. The group compared the ability of surgeons to choose the best operating strategy by clearly presenting the relative position of tumor tissue and blood vessels prior to operating. The researchers found that cinematic rendered CT images allowed clinicians to understand patient anatomy more quickly and with a greater degree of accuracy than conventional CT. It enabled the surgeons to complete the task with higher accuracy in roughly half the amount of time and suggest the technique also benefit surgical planning and decision-making.