Cone Beam CT imaging with In-Line kViewkV-like images for precise patient positioning

Features & Benefits

Convincing image quality with a patient friendly concept
In-Line kView provides just the image quality you need for Image-Guided Radiation Therapy. It uses the treatment beam for imaging. Thus, it requires no additional imaging equipment, making it a reliable, cost-efficient and patient-friendly solution. With In-Line kView, you can make IGRT your daily routine.

Clinical Use

Confidently verify your patient position – with In-Line kView
In-Line kView, Siemens’ imaging solution for IGRT, supports your daily routine in radiation therapy. It provides kV-like images with high 2D (ARTISTE Solution only) and 3D soft-tissue contrast. Clever tools allow you to quickly verify patient positioning right before treatment – and precisely adapt it to anatomical changes.