VERSANT Tissue Preparation Reagents Kit

VERSANT Tissue Preparation Reagents KitImprove quality and efficiency with fully automated nucleic acid extractions

As part of the Siemens Tissue Preparation Solution, the VERSANT® Tissue Preparation Reagents Kit can improve your ability to obtain high-quality extractions of nucleic acids from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and fresh frozen (FF) tissues. The kit reduces variability, leading to faster, more reliable test results. The proprietary iron oxide bead technology offers several unique benefits.

  • negative selection for debris removal
  • high reproducibility
  • quick magnetization
  • good suspension behavior
  • high purification yield
  • ability to isolate even small quantities of nucleic acid

Características y Beneficios

As part of the Siemens Tissue Preparation Solution, the VERSANT® Tissue Preparation Reagents Kit can help you improve the quality of your extraction, reduce your turnaround time, have maximum flexibility, and decrease sample variability. You’ll be better able to manage increasingly large test volumes, quickly providing your physicians with better, more reliable information for patient management.

The Only Fully Automated Tissue Preparation Solution for Extracting Nucleic Acids from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) Tissue Samples.

The Siemens Tissue Preparation Solution includes a Tissue Preparation System and the VERSANT Tissue Preparation Reagents kit. Together, this solution provides a more efficient and reproducible process for the isolation of high-quality nucleic acids from tissue samples like FFPE.

Improve the Quality of Your Extraction
Using magnetic particle-based isolation and proprietary iron oxide bead technology, the Siemens Tissue Preparation Solution enhances the quality of the extraction—enabling:

  • improved reproducibility
  • better recovery of nucleic acids
  • improved quality of nucleic acids
  • co-purification of DNA and RNA
  • reduced risk of carry-over

You benefit from more reliable and robust test results. Your physicians and their patients obtain better, more reliable information.

Reduce Your Turnaround Time
With a fully automated tissue extraction process, you will eliminate the hazards and manual labor associated with xylene-ethanol processing and centrifugation during deparaffinization, giving your staff the ability to walk away from the system and perform other tasks. Your lab will:

  • process up to 48 samples in approximately 4 hours or less
  • obtain DNA and RNA from a single extraction process with a single set of reagents
  • use a single extraction for multiple downstream molecular applications

By improving the speed with which your lab can extract nucleic acids, you will be better equipped to manage increasingly large test volumes, ensuring the information your physicians need is available quickly.

Have Maximum Flexibility
With this solution, you can choose between three different protocols, delivering either total nucleic acid for DNA applications, pure RNA for RNA applications, or both DNA and RNA from one sample for combined analysis.

Decrease Your Sample Variability
Other manual or even partially automated processes require varying degrees of lysis depending on the sample. The Siemens fully automated solution provides a uniform lysis step of only one hour for all samples. Your lab will benefit from:

  • a standardized lysis step for all samples
  • integrated deparaffinization which excludes tissue loss during standard manual processing
  • a universal extraction protocol and reagents
  • highly reproducible results


When you optimize reproducibility, your lab becomes more efficient. And, your lab technicians become more confident in their results.

Enhance Safety in Your Lab
Hazardous organic solvents are eliminated when you use a fully integrated, fully automated deparaffinization process. Your lab will:

  • eliminate the use of xylene and ethanol
  • support environmentally friendly chemical disposal protocols while saving time
  • improve your laboratory environment


You and your staff can take comfort in knowing your lab has taken one step toward a more environmentally friendly workplace.