AIDAN platform logo with patient-focused design, artificial intelligence, and digital hardware.

AIDAN PlatformThe intelligent scanner platform for PET/CT

Molecular imaging (MI) as a modality is becoming more and more critical. Depending on the indication and the individual patient, an MI examination can become quite complex and long. AIDAN1 allows you to perform PET/CT exams with ease. It helps you become more efficient2 and personalized, also yet standardized. All this, with a click of a button.

What makes AIDAN possible?

Patented design

Forward-thinking bed design on Biograph™ PET/CT scanners, enables continuous bed motion to perform dynamic scans also known as FlowMotion™ technology.

Artificial Intelligence

With AIDAN, our Biograph PET/CT scanner platform includes proprietary ALPHA
technology to bring artificial intelligence to PET scanner operations.

Digital hardware

Our PET/CT scanners leverage the use of the digital signal from our detectors along with hardware powerful enough to process artificial intelligence algorithms.

These three pillars are the foundation for many of our new and unique features, helping you become more efficient2 and to perform personalized and standardized PET/CT exams with ease.

Included features: