FlowMotion AI

FlowMotion AIMoving the standard to personalized care.

A one-size-fits-all exam protocol is not ideal for achieving the best imaging quality and can negatively influence treatment decisions. A tailored approach, however, is more complex and usually requires additional time. Let your scanner manage complexity and acquire exams with the touch of a button. With FlowMotion AI™1, you can standardize imaging protocols while ensuring personalized scans, providing a higher standard2 of imaging in a single, fast exam.

Personalized PET/CT image scans for increased image quality.

FlowMotion AI uses continuous bed motion technology to give you the ability to develop and save protocols based on clinical indication, so they are easily incorporated into clinical routine, for reliable visualization of disease and to ensure reproducibility. The continuous motion of the patient bed also allows to save CT dose and to increase patient comfort. In addition, you can also personalize scans according to each organ in order to meet individual patient needs. Now with the addition of our deep learning artificial intelligence algorithm, ALPHA technology, you can simply load the disease-specific protocol and the let scanner define your protocol ranges1. This can create a new level of standardization and personalization where every patient exam is setup using AI, user independent.

PET/CT scan protocols.

FlowMotion™ technology enables acquisition of PET images with a continuous motion of the patient table. This is different from the conventional method where PET images are acquired with sequential bed positions, alternating between image acquisition and patient
table motion.

FlowMotion continuous bed motion scanning enables:

  • Simple and standardized protocol setup so the technologist can spend more time with the patient and ensure consistent outcome
  • Personalized exams by tailoring protocols based on patient anatomy and disease
  • Integration of respiratory gating in clinical routine to improve small-lesion detectability in areas affected by motion


Difference between a conventional PET/CT scan vs FlowMotion

Planning scans with conventional, sequential bed positions may lead to CT over scanning to cover the desired scan range. Since FlowMotion allows easy anatomy-based planning, only the desired area is scanned, enabling you to minimize CT dose and help maximize efficiency.

Female getting scanned on PET/CT scanner.

Patients undergoing a stop-and-go exam sense when a scan is not progressing, which may make the scan seem longer and cause patient motion and discomfort. FlowMotion technology’s bed motion gives the patient a continuous sense of progression and improves exam satisfaction.

General Requirements

  • Biograph Horizon
  • Biograph Vision
  • Biograph mCT

Biograph mCT and Vision must run SW PETsyngo VG80 or higher1

Biograph Horizon must run SW PETsyngo VJ30 or higher1

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.