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CorPath® GRX Neurovascular

For use in neurovascular interventions

Reinvent neurovascular care

As neurovasculature is highly delicate and complex, neurointerventionalists require optimal visualization and tools to enhance precision and control. CorPath GRX Neurovascular1 offers advanced imaging, automated movements, and 1-mm controlled device positioning. It also allows you to perform procedures from a radiation-shielded location in an optimized work environment. Transform the way you deliver endovascular care and improve outcomes for your patients – while accelerating innovation in neurovascular technology today.

CorPath GRX Neurovascular System overview

Control Console


Extended Reach Arm

Robotic Drive

Single-use Advanced Cassette

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    Trial-and-error navigation during manual procedures can result in wire spinning or damage to delicate anatomy. With CorPath GRX, physicians have 1 millimeter device positioning and sub-millimeter measurement capabilities.

    Combined with our three, unique automated movements designed for controlled delivery of devices, physicians can have confidence in guidance and placement during procedures.

    technIQTM Smart Procedural Automation

    Corindus CorPath GRX Neurovascular intervention control room

    Given the small nature of the neurovasculature, it is critical for physicians to have clear visualization to find optimal treatment pathways. Advanced imaging enhances navigation and provides critical guidance in the microvasculature. 

    CorPath GRX removes the physician from the bedside and places them directly in front of the imaging in an upright, ergonomic position, bringing clarity to procedures.

    Corindus CorPath GRX Neurovascular intervention

    With the physicians positioned outside of the operating room, they can remove their lead, eliminating the physical burden and decreasing the level of distractions seen inside the high-traffic areas. This also reduces radiation exposure, and the long-term health affects it can cause. 

    Physicians and staff are specially trained on their roles and responsibilities in robotic procedures, bringing focus and clarity to the operating environment. This focus aids in decreasing confusion in procedural flow and reducing stress during interventions. 

    By improving the workflow and placing the physician outside of harmful radiation and distractions, we are creating an optimized work environment for neurovascular interventions. 

    CorPath GRX aims to drive safe and effective treatment, giving physicians confidence in providing optimized outcomes to patients.

    Clinical evidence

    Corindus CorPath GRX Neurovascular clinical study summary

    Read the study summary of "An evaluation of effectiveness and safety of the CorPath® GRX Neurovascular System in endovascular embolization procedures of cerebral aneurysms" to learn more about the clinical and technical success rates achieved using CorPath GRX Neurovascular in cerebral aneurysm embolization. 

    Educational tools for robotics in interventional medicine

    Robotic-assisted neurovascular intervention with Corindus CorPath GRX Neurovascular and ARTIS icono

    Our mission is to advance the field of interventional medicine with robotics. We deliver best-in-class medical education and training programs to support physicians, staff, and our hospital partners.