Tissue Strain Analysis from Siemens Ultrasound

A new dimension of diagnostic information
Tissue strain analysis complements conventional ultrasound exams by providing another dimension of information--mechanical stiffness. This additional information can be combined with anatomical (B-mode) as well as vascular (Doppler) information.

Tissue strain analysis could represent the most important development in ultrasound technology since the advent of Doppler imaging. Siemens’ comprehensive suite of Tissue Strain applications provides a new dimension of diagnostic information through either qualitative assessment or quantitative measurement of the mechanical stiffness of tissue.

While biopsy is the gold standard for the assessment of abnormal tissue, it can be uncomfortable for your patient. Because only a small tissue sample is provided, the accuracy of a biopsy can be impacted. Furthermore, biopsies must also be repeated over time to monitor disease progression, resulting in further discomfort and recovery time.

Siemens shear wave ultrasound elastography is a non-invasive procedure for assessing tissue status.
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