Virtual Touch Quantification

The Virtual Touch applications are Siemens first commercially available implementation of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) technology. Virtual Touch Applications include Virtual Touch imaging and Virtual Touch quantification.

Virtual Touch™ Quantification is the first quantitative assessment of tissue stiffness through measurement of shear wave speed. Shear waves are generated by displacement of tissue and attenuate approximately 10,000 times more rapidly than conventional ultrasound waves. The ACUSON S2000™ and ACUSON S3000TM ultrasound systems provide the sensitivity needed to detect and measure shear wave speed.

Virtual Touch quantification uses an acoustic push pulse followed by detection pulses to calculate shear wave speed:

  1. Anatomical location for measurement defined by region of interest (ROI) placement.
  2. Acoustic push pulse applied adjacent to ROI.
  3. Tracking beams (sensitive to greater than 1/00 the wavelength of sound) are applied adjacent to the acoustic push pulse.
  4. Time between the generation of the shear wave and the passing of shear wave peak at an adjacent location is utilized to compute the shear wave velocity.

In general, shear wave speed increases with tissue stiffness. 


Benefits of Virtual Touch Quantification:

  • Quantitative technique
  • Reproducible
  • Provides indication of tissue stiffness


View clinical images using Virtual Touch quantification technology on the ACUSON S2000 ultrasound system.

Area of Increased Tissue Stiffness<br />
Area of Increased Tissue Stiffness

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