eSie Touch Elasticity Imaging

eSie Touch™ elasticity imaging uses gentle compression to provide a high-resolution elastogram depicting relative tissue stiffness.

eSie Touch imaging forms the elastogram by computing relative tissue deformation globally and displaying the information within a user defined region of interest. Axial detection pulses are continuously transmitted throughout the field of view to provide information about the state of tissue deformation along each axial line at a specific point in time. Using this technique, stiff and soft tissue may be differentiated even when the tissues appear isoechoic on the B-mode exam.

  • Quality Factor – Provides real-time qualitative feedback to assist imagers in optimizing their acquisition technique. The real-time numerical elastogram quality score provides additional information for selecting optimal images for review.
  • Elastographic Maps – High-resolution elastographic images may be visualized using a variety of grayscale and color maps.
  • Shadow Measurements – Measurement calipers are automatically applied to both images in a side-by-side display for comparison of elastographic.
  • Transducer support - eSie Touch imaging is supported on linear, endocavity and curved array transducers.


eSie Touch imaging is available on the ACUSON S1000TM ultrasound system, ACUSON S2000TM ultrasound system, ACUSON S3000TM ultrasound system, and ACUSON Antares™ ultrasound system.

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Thyroid Masses

View clinical images using eSie Touch elasticity imaging on the ACUSON S2000 ultrasound system.

Biopsy Proven Breast Carcinoma
Biopsy Proven Breast Carcinoma
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