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RealTime Location Solutions 

Achieve operational excellence. Outperform in patient care.

RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS) utilize ready-to-deploy or individually customized digital technology solutions to automatically identify and track the location of assets, patients1 or staff1 in real time. RTLS improve clinical and operational outcomes through real-time visualization and optimization of your performance.


RealTime Location Solutions helps you to:

RTLS keeps track of your assets
Keeping track of your assets
Keeping track of assets in large healthcare organizations is a monumental task that often results in a decline in productivity and patient care. 

Not having the equipment required in the correct place and at the right time can impact workflows and have severe consequences for the patient.
RTLS can help to improve the patient experience
Improve the patient experience
Designing a safe, comfortable patient experience based on trust from entering to leaving the facility poses a huge, but increasingly important challenge to healthcare providers.

RTLS helps to reduce stress for hospital staff
Increase staff satisfaction
Complex routines and staff shortages lead to increased stress in day-to-day workforce connections and have negative impacts on staff performance and happiness at work. 

A nurse spends 10–25 % of their time looking for other staff members.²

RTLS helps to optimize clinical operations and improve workflow
Improve workflows and optimize clinical operations
As hospital departments get bigger and are equipped with more complex technology, complying with high standard regulations that entail manual processes become inconvenient, time-consuming, and prone to error. 

This can lead to workflow inefficiencies, which are time-consuming and costly.
Streamline operations and improve patients experience with RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS)
Read our white paper to explore the multifaceted application areas and benefits of RTLS beyond its earliest roles of asset tracking and management.

Our solutions deploy departmental or enterprise-wide digital technology to automatically identify and track the location of assets, patients1 or staff1 in real time to help understand and improve how your healthcare facility is performing. Customized to your specific goals and needs: 
  • Ready-to-deploy departmental solutions 
  • Enduring enterprise-wide solutions 
  • 100+ use cases1

We can manage the entire RTLS value chain to drive targeted results for your healthcare enterprise

RealTime Location Solutions are customized to your specific needs to create sustainable added value. They range from ready-to-deploy technical solutions, integrated into dedicated departmental processes, to holistic enterprise-wide solutions that cover various advanced use cases to manage and optimize performance across your entire healthcare institution.


RealTime Location Services use sensor-based tracking technology
All our RTLS solutions use sensor-based tracking technology to identify places and locate objects, patients1 and staff1 in healthcare facilities. In this service, all objects are equipped with sensor-based tags that use wireless transmission to continuously provide their location data to receivers installed throughout the institution.
The data are postprocessed into actionable insights, and visualized through virtual interfaces.

Solution Design

RTLS Solution Design
RealTime Solution Design is the essential foundation for a successful deployment of RTLS. Our approach helps you discover and articulate the needs of your patients and staff. Together with you we develop a strategy to meet those needs with the right use case selection, and co-create a comprehensive plan to bring them to reality and achieve sustainable performance optimization.

1. RealTime Use Case Selection
We jointly define and prioritize current and future RTLS use cases, based on your strategic objectives. We enable future success of your RTLS through close involvement of all key stakeholders right from the start. The creation of a roadmap sets proper outlooks on expectable RTLS outcomes.

2. RealTime Solution Co-creation
We combine all suitable use cases, define technical requirements, and assemble appropriate hardware and software. Together we develop a multiple-year deployment model – including a profound business plan – that achieves value rapidly and provides a clear return on investment.

Location Services

RealTime Location Services use sensor-based tracking technology to locate objects and help people find their way through your healthcare facility.
RealTime Location Services use sensor-based tracking technology to locate objects and help people find their way through your healthcare facility. Virtual interfaces show the real time tracking status of objects and provide data-based insights to optimize complex workflows, reduce costs, and improve care delivery.
Patient Connection Services

allow patients to find their way around your facility more easily and provide real-time information on the current status of your patients within your processes1. These services also facilitate communication between patients and staff1.

Asset Optimization Services

provide an overview of the actual location and status of your assets.

Staff Connection Services
automate the manual activities and interactions of your workforce and thus make it easier for them to coordinate their tasks and collaborate with each other.

Process Optimization Services

use data points from your current processes and aggregate them to produce information which is displayed in virtual live views.

Consulting & Transformation

RealTime Consulting & Transformation
RealTime Consulting & Transformation supports you in getting the most value from your RTLS implementation. Our Value Partners for Healthcare Consulting provide actionable insights on how to maximize value and derive excellence based on a deep understanding of the applications of RTLS technologies, advanced data analytics, lean methodologies, and operational expertise.

Performance Optimization
Continuous lean transformation empowered by aggregated RTLS data 

  • Create performance transparency 
  • Identify limiting factors 
  • Reduce cost and waste 
  • Increase throughput and efficiency

Workflow Optimization
Efficient clinical workflows and optimally coordinated patient and staff flow 

  • Automate processes 
  • Improve patient experience 
  • Improve staff satisfaction 
  • Enable better outcomes

Facility Optimization
Future-proof, flow-optimized design based on a RTLS-enhanced Digital Twin 

  • Leverage more accurate simulations 
  • Test design options in digital twin 
  • Model & test workflows 
  • Validate model outcomes tracking KPIs with RTLS

Customer Insights

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Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist
Winston-Salem, USA
Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
Charleston, USA
Radiological Institute,
Universitätsklinikum Erlangen

Erlangen, Germany

Ammerland-Klinik GmbH
Westerstede, Germany

    Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist located in the U.S. had the main challenge to optimize logistics, equipment, and patient flow. This made them look for an innovative way to improve clinical operations which they found in RealTime Location Solutions.

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