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Features & Benefits

Do you know how much time is lost while your patients wait for treatment after their CT sim? Image artifacts and staff availability can slow down the time to therapy. This can negatively impact patient satisfaction, treatment efficacy, and departmental efficiency.

The SOMATOM go.platform, comprised of the 64-slice SOMATOM go.Sim and 128-slice SOMATOM go.Open Pro, was created for one reason - to limit potential errors in Radiation Therapy planning to ultimately reduce time to treatment. With fully integrated hardware and software tailored specifically to your requirements, the SOMATOM go.plaform is augmented with an unprecedented level of automation and guidance. Give time back to your staff, shorten procedure time, and help minimize errors in a complex environment by transforming care delivery with this new platform.

With the SOMATOM go.platform, accelerate your process and improve what is, truly, the most important – your patients’ therapy outcome.


SOMTATOM go.Platform—intelligence serving your patients.

The value we provide in Radiation Therapy Planning

75% of the time patients breathe irregularly which leads to artifacts1

  • Traditional CT scanners produce too little data, which causes interpolation or motion artifacts.

Minimize rescans, reduce target margins and provide access for 4D to everyone

  • Minimize gap artifacts in 4D images by 85%1
  • Robust and simple 4D image acquisition for every
  • More confident treatment planning. Learn more


60% of all RT incidents are caused by Human errors

  • This is a consequence of manual operations and too many data exchanges2

Minimize errors by eliminating unnecessary interfaces and data exchanges

  • Streamlined process with integrated hardware and software, such as lasers and effortless laser QA to optimize clinical operations
  • More time with the patient and less error-prone workflow thanks to new go. technologies shown on the tablet. Learn more


SOMATOM go. platform delivers confidence for RT planning. With it, you and everyone on your team can remain at the forefront of your field for years to come.

Platform features to reduce errors

Our unique 4D solution for minimizing artefacts – Direct i4D3

Direct i4D3 is a 4D CT sequence that intelligently adapts to the patient’s breathing in real time. The algorithm monitors the breathing pattern throughout acquisition and reconstruction.

“Direct i4D3 provides images with almost no motion artifacts even irregular breathing patient. I see that respiratory cycles are intelligently skipped due to shallow breathing that normally causes image artifacts. That helps us to define more patient specific margin.4Peter Albeck Qvistgaard
Head of radiography dept, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark

Our solution for reducing errors in a highly complex workflow - Go Workflow

This 85-cm bore SOMATOM go. platform comes with fully integrated hardware and software tailored specifically to your requirements. It offers unparalleled operational flexibility, and intuitive guidance with embedded patient marking lasers, automated quality assurance and integrated injector arm as well as the post-processing software.

The workflow gives you certainty in simulation and guides the radiation therapist through the entire virtual simulation process while remaining with the patient to reduce patient anxiety and increase patient comfort.


Further features

Drive precision in target contouring

A powerful combination of three innovative solutions delivers confident tumor visualization, precise target contours, and a straightforward 4D workflow:

  • iMAR3 - reduces metal artifacts
  • DirectDensity3,5 - unlocks optimal kV settings with a single calibration curve
  • Respiratory motion management6 - optimizes scan parameters based on the patient’s breathing


Push the boundaries with TwinSpiral Dual Energy3 to improve target delineation

TwinSpiral Dual Energy3 is a new form of dual-energy acquisition that uses a Tin Filter to achieve optimal spectral separation. And for the first time ever, you can now benefit of Dual energy based improved soft tissue contrast over 60 cm of field of view.

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1Werner R et al. Intelligent 4D CT Sequence Scanning (i4DCT). Best of Physics at ASTRO 2018.

2Greenwalt J et al. Reducing errors in radiation therapy through electronic safety checklists. Applied Radiation Oncology. 2014: 5–9.


4The statements by Siemens Healthineers’ customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer’s unique setting. Since there is no “typical” hospital and many variables exist (e.g., hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.

5As shown by measurements with a Gammex 467 Tissue Characterization Phantom comparing [T]standard reconstruction and DirectDensity reconstruction. Image value to relative electron/mass density conversion for the standard reconstruction was based on a two-linear-equations approach with individual calibration for each tube voltage. For DirectDensity images, a single tube-voltage-independent linear conversion was used.
DirectDensity reconstruction is designed for use in Radiation Therapy Planning (RTP) only. DirectDensity reconstruction is not intended to be used for diagnostic imaging.

6syngo.via and syngo.via CT Dual Energy DirectSPR is required.