SOMATOM go. platform for Radiation Therapy

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Image artifacts and staff availability can slow down the time to therapy negatively impacting patient satisfaction, treatment efficacy, and departmental efficiency. The SOMATOM go. platform for RT was created to limit potential errors in radiation therapy planning and to ultimately reduce time to treatment.

The SOMATOM go. platform for RT platform is comprised of the 64-slice SOMATOM go.Sim and 128-slice SOMATOM go.Open Pro and has fully integrated hardware and software tailored specifically to your requirements. It is transforming care delivery with an unprecedented level of automation and guidance. Give time back to your staff, shorten procedure time, and help minimize errors in a complex environment.


The contouring process is a major source of variability in RT1
Most auto-contouring solutions use data optimized for humans rather than the algorithm.

SOMATOM go. platform for RT:

  • OAR contouring directly at the system, no need for manual interaction
  • Leverage the power of optimized recon and deep learning to streamline organs-at-risk contouring
  • Reduce unwarranted variations with high-quality contours that approach the level of consensus-based contours
Somatom.Go Intelligent set up
With the streamlined process

60% of all RT incidents are caused by Human errors
This is a consequence of manual operations and too many data exchanges.2

SOMATOM go. platform for RT:

  • Streamlined process with integrated hardware and software, such as lasers and effortless laser QA to optimize clinical operations
  • More time with the patient and less error-prone workflow thanks to new go. technologies shown on the tablet

This 85-cm bore SOMATOM go. platform for RT comes with fully integrated hardware and software tailored specifically to your requirements. It offers unparalleled operational flexibility, and intuitive guidance with embedded patient marking lasers, automated quality assurance and integrated injector arm as well as the post-processing software.

The workflow gives you certainty in simulation and guides the radiation therapist through the entire virtual simulation process. The mobile tablet allows the therapist to remain with the patient to reduce patient anxiety and increase patient comfort.

75% of the time patients breathe irregularly which leads to artifacts3
Traditional CT scanners produce too little data, which causes interpolation or motion artifacts.

SOMATOM go. platform for RT:

  • Minimize gap artifacts in 4D images by 85%4
  • Robust and simple 4D image acquisition for every patient
  • More confident treatment planning. Learn more

A powerful combination of three innovative solutions delivers confident tumor visualization, precise target contours, and a straightforward 4D workflow:

Courtesy of University Hospital Aarhus, Denmark and Courtesy of MVZ InnMed Oberaudorf, Oberaudorf, Germany

Reduces metal artifacts

Courtesy of the University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
Courtesy of the University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

Unlocks optimal kV settings with a single calibration curve

Twin Spiral Dual Energy


Push the boundaries to improve target delineation

TwinSpiral Dual Energy5,8 is a new form of dual-energy acquisition that uses a Tin Filter to achieve optimal spectral separation. And for the first time ever, you can now benefit of Dual energy based improved soft tissue contrast over 60 cm of field of view.



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