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Features & Benefits

Clinical Use

Reinventing CT simulation with SOMATOM go.Sim – a highly flexible, intuitive CT simulator that we designed in collaboration with over 300 RT specialists – radiation oncologists, medical physicists, dosimetrists, RTTs, and financial decision makers – to give us insights into your world. The result is a groundbreaking approach to CT simulation that will help you optimize clinical operations. It will give you everything you need to achieve the ultimate starting point for optimal RT planning, and will help you produce the most successful outcomes possible.

  • With 85-cm bore size it accommodates any positioning accessories and improves patient comfort
  • With integrated lasers no costs for mounting for a separate laser
  • Guided workflow reduces errors by walking the therapist through the process
  • Optimize clinical operations to minimize error
  • Just one service contract

Technical Specifications

Bore size

85 cm


60 cm

Acquired slices/reconstruction slices


Z-axis coverage

1.92 cm

Rotation time

0.351, 0.5, 1.0 s

Table load

227/3071kg (TG-66 compliant)

System footprint

4 m2/43 ft2 (surface area covered by gantry and moving table top)

Min. room requirement

17.3 m2/186.2 ft2

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