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Features & Benefits

Clinical Use

Precision medicine, curative intent, and hypofractionated treatments hold enormous potential for patients. Yet they are only possible if the treatment planning data are absolutely precise. Many patients with conditions that present major challenges – such as the inability to hold one’s breath – miss out on the benefits because current CT simulation cannot manage the individual complexities they present. Poor-quality, imprecise information makes it especially difficult to target tumors and protect vital organs in these complex cases. In addition, error-prone workflows and time pressure can further hamper CT simulation.

We believe intelligence should serve your patients–and this belief shaped the development of SOMATOM go.Open Pro. This advanced CT simulator provides accurate results that can break down the barriers to modern treatment and individualized care.

Difficulties in providing the best care for challenging cases

  • Patients with lung, liver, head and neck, and other challenging cancers potentially miss out on best-in-class care because their cases are too demanding for existing CT systems
  • Poor-quality, imprecise information makes it especially difficult to target tumors and protect healthy tissue

Your benefits

  • Enables 4D images with virtually no artifacts related to incomplete breathing cycles
  • Optimize clinical operations to minimize error
  • More confident treatment planning with potential for smaller target margins
  • Allows more patients to benefit from 4DCT

Technical Specifications

Bore size85 cm
sFoV60 cm
Acquired slices/reconstruction slices64/128
Z-axis coverage3.84 cm
Rotation time0.351, 0.5, 1.0 s
Table load227/3071kg (TG-66 compliant)
System footprint4 m2/43 ft2 (surface area covered by gantry and moving table top)
Min. roomrequirement17.3 m2/186.2 ft2


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