Expand Precision Medicine with New Molecular Imaging Technology

Capitalize on higher trade-in values for your PET or SPECT systems1

Your Siemens Healthineers molecular imaging system is approaching or has reached an End of Support (EOS) status and we can no longer guarantee spare parts availability or improved cybersecurity. These factors could lead to prolonged periods of downtime within your department.

New technologies in molecular imaging and nuclear medicine can help you transform care delivery and reduce cybersecurity risk to your organization and your patients. Siemens Healthineers Biograph PET/CT and Symbia SPECT/CT scanners enable you to reduce scan times, optimize clinical operations, and prioritize cybersecurity. Upgrading your end-of-support system is easy – and affordable.

Biograph Vision

Staying within the Siemens Healthineers PET/CT and SPECT/CT portfolio opens doors to many new capabilities that expand precision medicine and improve patient care. Our scanners are designed to make transitioning from one platform to another easier for you, your staff, and your organization. As the demand for value-based care continues to grow, healthcare providers are finding new ways to improve care pathways, while driving down long-term asset costs. Our latest PET/CT and SPECT/CT scanners help you offset these expenses, expand your clinical capabilities, and simplify your operations.

By upgrading your end-of-support system you will:

  • Get optimal trade-in value for your current system
  • Receive additional end-of-service incentives to help offset costs
  • Comfortable and convenient transition to new technology by staying with your trusted partner
  • Get all of the clinical benefits and high image quality of a Siemens Healthineers PET or SPECT system

Cybersecurity breaches are increasingly impacting healthcare institutions. Cyber-attacks may lead to patient harm, reputation loss/damage, and financial consequences. To protect your radiology service, our PET/CT and SPECT/CT scanners come standard with Windows® 10. By upgrading to a Windows 10 system, you can help prevent network/infrastructure breaches, equipment integrity breaches, and/or denial of service or disrupted operations. Our scanners feature software that meets the strict cybersecurity requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense and are ATO (Authority to Operate) ready. 

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