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MAMMOMAT Revelation

With Siemens Healthineers, you can expect more than just a healthcare company. We’re a partner that provides solutions from discovery to recovery along the entire breast health journey. When you embrace the power of more with Siemens Healthineers, you’ll experience how innovation can provide more accuracy, efficiency, and comfort to achieve the goal we all share: to save more lives.

Be more, see more, and do more in your patients’ lives. It’s not just mammography, it’s so much more…

Features & Benefits

Be more than just a provider in a woman’s breast health journey. With the Siemens Healthineers 360° approach, you can tackle breast cancer holistically and not just at different points in time. Every woman’s journey is different, so her experience should be personalized and her comfort should be prioritized. Be more to each woman by offering her an experience that adapts to her uniqueness – from discovery to recovery. 

DI Breast Health 360 Wheel USA

Be more than just mammography

Breast care is not a one-size fits all approach and it can be difficult to keep up with demands of your patients and practice. Our Breast Health 360°  portfolio is centered on helping you overcome challenges in breast cancer care, with innovative breast care solutions along the entire clinical workflow. We are proud to be the only company that can provide a holistic and personalized 360° approach with breast care solutions in every step of the way. From looking into a patient’s history, to screening and diagnosis, to treatment and follow-up – we are always by your side. We provide accurate, human-centric, and economic solutions to empower your decisions in every step of the Breast Health Journey. 

Be more for the woman's experience 

Many women associate mammograms with pain, discomfort, and anxiety. This is why we offer unique comfort features to create a soothing ambiance.

XPWH Moodlight


Our MoodLight function bathes the examination room in soothing lights that help women unwind and remain at ease during their exam.

Image of flowers

Wall decor

Our wall decorations with Breast Health Moods create a relaxing and positive atmosphere that helps women feel safe and calm. 

XPWH Paddles

SoftComp Paddles

Designed to fit the physique of the woman’s anatomy, the soft-curved edges of our SoftComp Paddles offer higher patient comfort and easier positioning.

Opcomp & Opdose Graphic

Be more than a standard exam

OpComp and SoftSpeed
MAMMOMAT Revelation’s personalized soft compression technology prevents unnecessary pain by adjusting to the anatomy of each woman’s breast:

  • OpComp calculates and applies optimal compression
  • SoftSpeed slows the compression paddle down as soon as it reaches the breast
  • More time for proper positioning and less operator variation

OpDose Graphic

AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) and OpDose®
Always the right dose for each woman with optimal image results:

  • AEC analyzes the complete breast to calculate the required dose for each breast individually
  • Pectoral muscle automatically excluded in MLO views
  • OpDose determines exposure parameters depending on breast density and thickness
  • Different dose levels further optimize exposure
  • Five predefined dose levels available 

See more than you’ve ever been able to see before, giving cancer no place to hide. MAMMOMAT Revelation is designed to give you more clinical certainty with its 50 degree wide-angle. See more in a different way with synthetic options that offer additional insight with no additional dose. More information gives you greater accuracy and higher confidence in your diagnosis. See more, detect more, and rule out more.

See more than you've ever seen before

Comparison between 15° Tomosynthesis vs 50° Tomosynthesis

50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis

MAMMOMAT Revelation with 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis overcomes diagnostic challenges like overlapping tissue:

  • Enabling more accurate1 and earlier detection of breast cancer with the highest depth resolution on the market.
  • With up to 3.5 times higher2 depth resolution compared to narrow-angle systems
  • In both 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis and 50° Wide-Angle Biopsy

See what you're missing!

Not using wide-angle breast tomosynthesis? See what you could be missing if you're using a narrow angle.

See how others are increasing patient care

Southern New Hampshire Radiology Consultants is using Wide-Angle Breast Tomosynthesis to raise the bar in breast cancer detection in Bedford and surrounding communities3.

See more differently

comparison of FFDM and insight2D

Insight 2D

Insight 2D is a synthetic mammogram is rendered from the tomosynthesis volume and offers an FFDM-like image impression, taking the 2D viewing and reading habits of radiologists into account:

  • No additional dose
  • Fast side-by-side comparison of both breasts
  • Aids in assessing density
Comparison of Insight 2D and Insight 3D

Insight 3D

Insight 3D provides a synthetic rotating visualization for improved orientation in the tomo volume:

  • Visualization of microcalcifications
  • Boost your diagnostic confidence with this unique view
  • Preferred for surgical planning

See more with certainty

Comparison between DBT and Tomo Spot view

Tomo Spot compression 

In inconclusive cases, Tomo Spot compression helps assess screen-detected masses, asymmetries, architectural distortions, and microcalcifications. 

Benefit from 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis with our SpotPlus compression paddle:

  • Focus on a smaller area of the breast
  • Increase compression in one spot while still showing the surrounding tissue
  • Helps avoid unnecessary biopsies
  • Added confidence in tomosynthesis imaging
Mammography image comparison between FFDM and TiCEM

TiCEM (Titanium Contrast Enhanced Mammography) 

Some challenging cases require additional diagnostic information for confident decision-making. One possible adjunct examination is MRI, which is time-consuming, cost-intensive, and not always available. MAMMOMAT Revelation offers the option to integrate TiCEM as a cost-effective diagnostic alternative:

  • Optimized titanium filter reduces X-ray tube load
  • Helps detect or rule out inconclusive lesions4

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Do more than you thought possible for your patients and your practice with Siemens Healthineers as your partner. Rely on our service team to keep you up and running when your patients need it most. MAMMOMAT Revelation’s optimized workflows keep exams quick and seamless, allowing you to do more. With a mammography system that comes standard with the latest technology, you can do more because you get more right from the start.

Do more exams than you did before


Biopsy workflow with InSpect

Receive your specimen scan within 20 seconds right on the mammography system with InSpect, the integrated specimen scanner, reducing the need for additional scan devices and optimized biopsy workflows. 


50° TomoFlow

Simultaneous image reconstruction in the background means uninterrupted acquisition so you and your patients don’t need to wait between views, allowing you to boost your efficiency with 6-minute exam times. 


One-click philosophy

Reduce unnecessary steps in your screening workflows with the intuitive one-click philosophy: The system moves to the predefined examination position with just one touch of a button. 

Do more than the average eye

clinical image with MAMMOVISTA B.smart


MAMMOVISTA B.smart covers the full spectrum of multimodal diagnostics from mammography to MRI and ultrasound. As an agile, vendor-neutral solution, it delivers exceptional performance for radiologists faced ith more time-consuming tomosynthesis reading. Both Transpara and iCAD can be fully integrated with MAMMOVISTA B.smart for interactive clinical desicion support.

Screenshot of a mammography image

Next-Gen AI

Transpara® powered by Fusion AI™ generates impressive new results supported by clinical evidence worldwide. SmartSort Technology based on deep-learning case analysis and interactive lesion detection allows for evidence-based breast AI.

iCAD images

iCAD (CAD = Computer-aided detection)

iCAD’s SecondLook Digital CAD analyzes images from Siemens Healthineers’ full-field digital mammography systems and generates CAD marks to highlight suspicious areas, such as masses and microcalcifications.

Do more with better support

Technician review mammography images

Response time

Today, the service experience goes above and beyond pure maintenance. Service can make the difference to your daily operations and help you evolve. With our services, we are by your side whenever you need us.
Siemens Healthineers specialists are available for instant remote assistance 24/7 in every time zone.

  • In 80% of cases you talk to a live person the first time you call.
  • If our lines are busy, you get a call back within 30 minutes.
  • Most technical calls are fixed the first time, and if they aren't, a service engineer will be deployed onsite.
Technical training on a tablet

Training and education

With our personalized education and training, your staff will be expert users who run your equipment at optimal efficiency in no time. Stay current with PEPconnect and transform care delivery for enhanced patient outcomes. PEPconnect is our personalized online education experience designed for healthcare professionals that’s customized to their role and learning behavior– designed to increase their competency, efficiency, and productivity.

Do more because you get more

high value system graphic

High value system

Even the standard version of our MAMMOMAT Revelation is a high-end system. Equipped with our time-tested tungsten tube and the robust detector you get a reliable product with a very long lifetime. Our PRIME Technology is integrated in every system which allows a dose reduction by up to 30%7 without compromising image quality.

modular design infographic

Modular design

Thanks to its modular system design, MAMMOMAT Revelation evolves with your requirements. You may start with a lower initial investment, and upgrade as your needs change or grow. Enjoy greater investment security by having the latest technologies integrated in one device.

customer amenities graphic

Customer amenities free

Benefit from a variety of engaging marketing materials – posters, product images, and videos – to share with referrers and patients, display at your facility, or post on your website or social media channels.

Couple rowing in kayaks

Did you know that the incidence of breast cancer in women Veterans and military populations is estimated to be up to 40 percent higher8 than the general population?

In support of the VA, Siemens Healthineers would like to leverage our innovative approach to mammography to help deliver and expand access to superior breast care. Technological innovations built standard within our MAMMOMAT Revelation mammography system make screenings reliable, precise, more comfortable, and more accessible than ever before, helping doctors make key decisions faster, and making mammography accessible to more Veterans.

Siemens Healthineers stands ready to provide our technology and services to help the VA meet the new requirements of the Making Advances in Mammography and Medical Options for Veterans Act of 2022 (MAMMO Act).

Clinical Use

Technical Specifications

Detector technology

Amorphous Selenium (aSe)

Detector size

24 cm x 30 cm (9.5“ x 12“)

X-ray tube anode material



Anode-filter combinations: W/Rh, W/Ti

Swivel range

+180° to -180°, motorized, isocentric rotation with preselectable rotation angle

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