iBreastExam scanner with breast 16x9


Enhancing clinical breast exams for better breast health – for all

With iBreastExam, confirm and document your Clinical Breast Exams (CBEs) reliably, quickly, and painlessly… all in your office!

  • Improve CBEs, a critical component of physicals for all women
  • Create a record of your CBEs in a consistent and repeatable format
  • Easily incorporate reports into EMR systems and workflows
  • Potentially find hard to palpate lesions
  • Reassure patients with dense breasts and those who fall outside of routine mammography guidelines
  • Documentation using iBreastExamTM supports your clinical expertise and reinforces any decision to seek further diagnostic imaging
  • iBreastExamTM is US FDA cleared for breast lesion documentation1
iBreastExam scanner with phone
  • Simple to learn and use
  • Patent-pending technology: Dynamic Co-Planar Capacitive Sensing2
  • Ultra-portable and light-weight: 5”x 2.5”x 3.3”, 0.5 lbs.
  • Rechargeable battery powered: 8hr continuous usage
  • Fully wireless with Bluetooth connectivity

Store up to 10,000 breast exams on the iBreastExamTM smart phone

iBreastExam™ is manufactured by UE LifeSciences

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