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Systemness is defined as integrating all aspects of a health system’s governance, operations, and workflows—across all technologies, clinicians and locations—to deliver seamless, cost-effective, high-quality care across the healthcare continuum.

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Automating your workflows

Up to 22% of lab errors are due to erroneous result validation or improper data.1 Aptio® Automation provides a hands-free solution that enables you to improve utilization of lab resources, increase efficiency, and accelerate processing with minimal errors.

Enabling increased interoperability

With more than 20 years of leadership in lab automation and IT, we use the knowledge we've gained to increase the efficiency of laboratories of all sizes. Our informatics suite enables data integration across multiple disciplines.

Achieving greater clinical standardization

Developing and deploying robust, flexible, standardized care pathways across the institution is a prerequisite to delivering effective personalized care, positive outcomes, and operational efficiency. Our automation and IT solutions allows for simplified data collection, standardized operational workflows, and reporting.

Freedom from repetitive tasks

Freedom from repetitive tasks

Bulk Input Module allows quick sample loading onto the system without first having to place tubes in racks.

Track-based connectivity

Track-based connectivity

Flexible track design options make it easy to accommodate floor space allocations and fixtures.

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