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Healthcare systems across the globe are grappling with similar issues: managing rising costs, achieving better outcomes, developing more patient-focused care, and adapting to new technologies. In addition to these ongoing challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic has created extraordinary new pressures and risks, not only for healthcare providers and staff but for entire communities and countries.

Supplementing the ongoing Insights Series, we have now launched a new set of publications, Insights Series – The New Normal. This special edition is focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides recommendations on how to confront the current SARS-CoV-2 outbreak and its implications, as well as strategies and ideas on how to emerge from the current crisis stronger, more resilient, and better prepared to address the healthcare challenges that lie ahead.

Insights 19 Unlocking the digital front door

Insights Series, issue 19
This thought leadership paper looks at the rise of digital access points to healthcare and what can be done to unlock healthcare’s digital front door. Find out more.

Insights Firefighter

Insights Series, issue 18
This thought leadership paper describes the strategies Zwanger-Pesiri employed to remain open during COVID-19, caring for patients and protecting their staff. Find out more.

Physical protection and mental well-being of healthcare workers
Insights Series, issue 17
This thought leadership paper highlights concrete steps to mitigate the physical risk to healthcare workers and to safeguard their well-being. Find out more.

digital compass to symbolize the direction healthcare executives see for digitalizing healthcare

Insight Series, issue 16
The current status of digitalization around the globe. We asked healthcare executives to rate their maturity in digitalization. Find out more

Insight Series 13

Insights Series, issue 15

This thought leadership paper looks at the current challenges in healthcare and looks at the steps the Finnish government has taken to transform care delivery. Find out more

Insight Series 13

Insights Series, issue 14

This thought leadership paper describes the current challenges of diagnostics and presents four matching approaches to overcoming them, both for COVID-19 and for the practice of medicine. Find out more

Insight Series 13

Insights Series, issue 13

How did Aravind give access to care to millions in Southern India and what lessons can be taken from their example? Find out more


Insights Series, issue 12

This paper provides the key steps a healthcare organization can take to accelerate digital transformation for success in the era of COVID-19 and beyond. Find out more

Keyvisual Pandemic Public Health

Insights Series, issue 11

This thought leadership paper discusses 5 critical domains for success in public health in managing and preparing for pandemics. Find out more

Remote work for healthcare professionals

Insights Series, issue 10

This thought leadership paper offers five steps healthcare providers can and should take to implement remote work within their organizations. Find out more

Cover picture on how to manage caregiver stress and trauma in the COVID-19 era.

Insight Series, issue 9

This thought leadership paper introduces a three-part strategy for healthcare leaders to address their staff's trauma and stress in order to ensure their organization's long-term viability. Find out more

Woman with mask with COVID-10 virus around

Insights Series, issue 8

This paper offers practical suggestions for how healthcare organizations can thrive during the current crisis, and emerge stronger and better prepared to withstand similar challenges in the future. Find out more

Insights Series, issue 7

This paper explores how the Martini-Klinik became the global leader in prostate surgery and which decisions and tactics helped in optimizing clinical operations. Find out more


Insights Series, issue 6

In this paper, Professor Michael T. Modic gives practical recommendations that can help healthcare organizations lead the way to greater standardization and more effective personalization. Find out more

Insights Series, issue 5

This paper examines how Emily Sedgwick, MD, and her team at the Baylor Clinic deliver outcomes that matter to patients with a better diagnostic experience in breast care. Find out more

Insights Series, issue 4

This detailed analysis examines how Zwanger-Pesiri provides radiology services that meet the highest professional standards while also offering superb, personalized customer service. Find out more

Insight Series - Issue 3: A Blueprint for an Impactful Patient Experience Program

Insight Series, issue 3

Siemens Healthineers and The Beryl Institute conducted a study to identify the most important factors that influence a patient's experience of healthcare. Find out more

Insights Series, issue 2

This paper is designed to help healthcare leaders envision and implement team-based care and create positive workplaces. Find out more

Insights Series, issue 1

In this paper, Brent James states that 25% of hospital costs are waste caused by unwarranted variations and how hospital executives can eliminate these. Find out more

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