Moving toward precision in managing pandemics: Five critical domains for success in public healthInsights Series – Issue 11: How expanding precision medicine can help in effectively managing pandemics


While no single solution exists to prepare for new COVID-19 waves and future pandemics, there are steps that healthcare can take to combat and contain the spread of an infectious disease. This paper outlines the lessons learned from managing the current pandemic, the value of precision medicine in driving prevention and treatment strategies, and five critical domains for effectively navigating the next outbreak.


Extensive testing programs can quickly and accurately identify infected patients, reducing community transmission with appropriate control measures and care management.

Tracing and surveillance

Coordinated digital and non-digital contact tracing strategies can prevent widespread community transmission by identifying those potentially exposed to the virus.

Infrastructure enhancements

Upgrading and standardizing healthcare IT and patient education systems facilitate real-time data sharing and open, accurate communication.

Global collaboration/coordination

A global infectious disease surveillance system can provide early warning of, and support for, initial localized outbreaks that could quickly spread.

Addressing vulnerable populations

Identifying highly susceptible patient populations enables for the development of tailored prevention and treatment strategies that support precision medicine at scale.

This paper is part of the Siemens Healthineers Insights Series - The New Normal. It provides ideas and solutions on 'Expanding precision medicine'.

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