Patient-Side-Control Fluoroscopy Systems – Luminos Agile Max – A more RADical way in fluoroscopy

Luminos Agile Max Two disciplines. One flow.

Unlock unparalleled efficiency by seamlessly integrating traditional patient-side fluoroscopy and unlimited radiography into one advanced system—the 2-in-1 Luminos Agile Max¹. From seamless integration of two disciplines in one, to a rich selection of diverse patient examination types, to comprehensive dose management with our proven CARE focus.

Luminos Agile Max¹—a smart choice for elevating efficiency and optimizing your ROI in fluoroscopy.

Features & Benefits

Patient-Side-Control Fluoroscopy Systems – Luminos Agile Max – A more RADical way in fluoroscopy

By combining patient-side fluoroscopy and unlimited radiography, our proven Luminos Agile Max1 lets you increase system utilization and save on costs for an additional system and room.

It delivers high-quality, low-dose dynamic and static images on all types of patients - from small children to obese adults.

Fluoroscopy System Luminos Agile Max -  MAX assistance

•    Seamless integration of two disciplines fluoroscopy and radiography, for ideal workflow 

•    One single control element for the freedom to be where you need to be – from the control room to the examination room. 

•    One imaging system, one pipeline, one generator, and one wireless footswitch2 - no delays or interruptions.

•    Intuitive SMART solutions for flawless imaging for faster, easier and more consistent imaging.

Fluoroscopy  System Luminos Agile Max - MAX detection

•  Redefined care delivery with one system covering a wide range of examinations and patient types – from pediatrics through geriatrics to bariatrics.

•  Ease patient access with a height adjustable fluoroscopy table, from 26" - 44”

•  Digital subtraction angiography2 and ERCP exams conducted with the help of SMART solutions at the tableside

•  Full scope of radiography examinations, including upright or supine image stitching for scoliosis and long-leg exams.

•  Easier radiography exams with included tube – detector tracking at table and wall bucky

•  Safe and pleasant imaging for all patient types, including focused protocols for pediatrics & bariatrics, adjustable table height, and multiple detector sizes.

•  Access for all patients with a maximum table capacity of 672 pounds (330kg)  and a 31 inch (80cm) table width. 

•  Safety collision bumpers and SmartTouch ensure a safe examination

Fluoroscopy System Luminos Agile Max - Ysio Max option

Keep the flow in comprehensive dose management with our proven CARE program, unique image processing engine DiamondView MAX and pre-defined organ programs to reduce dose without compromising clinical outcomes for improved staff and patient experience.

•    The Basic CARE package reduces the radiation dose for patients and staff by using dose-free applications, including patient repositioning and image collimation. 

•    The Enhanced CARE package2 seamlines workflows and allows you to avoid additional radiation dose thanks to features like Digital Zoom2 and Snapshot Mode2.

•    DiamondView MAX, is Siemens Healthineers ’unique image processing engine, delivering exceptionally sharp quality, enhanced contrast, high level of detail visibility, and optimized noise reduction , for both static and dynamic images, – all at a low dose for adult and pediatric patients.

Technical Specifications

With features such seamless integration of fluoroscopy and radiography, reduced patient dose with the help of the CARE package, and a capacity to accommodate a diverse range of patients and their needs, the Luminos Agile Max brings you excellent image quality and great usability. Contact us for a full list of technical specs and for information on seeing it in person!


CsI 43 cm x 43 cm (17” x 17”)


65 kW / 80 kW option

Table height

65 cm - 112 cm (26" - 44“)

Tabletop (L/W) size

210 cm x 80 cm (82.5” x 31.5”)

Table weight capacity

305 kg (672 lbs.)

Table travel longitudinal

+/- 80 cm (31.5) 
= 160 cm (63”)

Table travel transversal

+/- 17.5 cm (7”)

Tube travel longitudinal

113 cm (44.5”)

Longitudinal patient coverage

201 cm (79”)

Table tilt range



89 cm - 125 cm (35” – 49”)

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